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Ask DISHA by Railway Details

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited launched a chatbot for improving customer services. Ask DISHA (Digital Interaction to Seek Help Anytime), a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), will answer queries pertaining to various services offered by Railway. Ask DISHA by Railway for Customer Support and Engagement details are following.

Ask DISHA Details

Railway Launches Ticket Booking on ASK DISHA 2.0 ~ Details

Railway announced that Railway launches ticket booking on ASK DISHA 2.0, further details are following.

How to Book Ticket via Ask Disha Chatbot

Procedure in Short

  • Search Trains
  • Select the best train
  • Enter Railway OTP
  • Ticket is booked

Procedure in Details

  • Login on to Railway website
  • Left side of the bottom corner of the screen you can see “Try Booking in Ask DISHA 2.0” buttons.
  • You can book ticket by clicking the “Book Ticket” button
  • You have to enter the phone number, then you will get an OTP.
  • After entering the OTP, you have to enter From and To Destinations and date, after that you can book ticket.
  • Here you can check Failed Bookings, Tour Packages, File TDR, Cancel Ticket, PNR Status, My Passengers, Change Boarding and Refund Status, Booking History, Help me Improve etc.
Train Ticket Booking via Ask Disha Chatbot

Railway’s AskDISHA Chatbot now provides Live Refund Status Information

Railway has recently upgraded its AskDISHA chatbot with the capability to reply live queries from users related to rail ticket refunds arising out of cancellation, TDR filing and failed transactions as these constitute around 50% of the total queries of the customers. The users can either key in or verbally communicate their PNR or Transaction details to AskDISHA and get their ticket refund status immediately.

Main Features of Ask DISHA by Railway

  • Auto response and zero waiting time for enquires.
  • Passengers can check refund status, availability of trains, train tickets, Tatkal timings, train fare, train running statues, PNR here.
  • It is interacting conveniently in Hinglish also.
  • 24*7 Customer services is available
  • Voice enabled feature for refined response
  • Information on value added services of e-Catering and Tourism is also available.
  • Ticket booking though chatbot is also available.
  • Railway becomes the first and only government corporation in India to launch a chat-enabled help desk service program Ask DISHA.
  • The chatbot Ask DISHA will support several regional languages. It will be voice-enabled and will soon be integrated with the Railway Android app.
  • The essential features of Ask DISHA include ability to quickly answer customer queries, ability to multitask, ability to provide round-the-clock customer support, zero waiting time for the query to be answered, and overall an ability to provide customers with a stress-free experience and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Ask DISHA is live and it is already available on the bottom right corner of Railway’s website. It will soon be available on Railway’s Android app. Users can ask questions to the AI chatbot by visiting the Railway website.

How to work Ask DISHA

Ask DISHA are made for Customer Support and Engagement. The working mode is simple and it is user-friendly.

For example, If you want to clarify your doubt about ticket in tatkal quota, you have to do just one thing, i.e just type your quires in the particular column in Ask DISHA chatbot, you will get all the details related to your question.

How to book the ticket in tatkal quota? Ask DISHA chatbot help to find the answer and will provide the link that helps you to get the information directly from the Railway website itself. According to Railway, the chatbot will “improve its knowledge” over a period of time, expanding its ambit of questions to ensure greater efficiency in catering to queries of users.

Indian Railway’s Online Chatbot ‘ASKDISHA’ Now in Hindi language

The ASKDISHA Chatbot was initially launched in English language in order to resolve queries of railway passengers over the internet pertaining to various services offered, Indian Railways had introduced the services of Artificial Intelligence based ASKDISHA chatbot in October 2018 for the benefit of the users of the ticketing website and tourism website of its PSU, Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation Limited.

But in order to further enhance the customer services rendered and to further strengthen the services of the chatbot, Railway has now powered voice enabled ASKDISHA to converse with customers in Hindi language also in the e-ticketing site The customers can now ask queries to ASKDISHA in Hindi language by voice as well as text, Railway announced via press release on 21.02.2020.

On an average, around three thousand enquiries are being handled by ASKDISHA in Hindi language on daily basis and the figure is increasing day by day which also shows the acceptability of the new feature by the customer. Railway plans to launch ASKDISHA in more languages along with many other additional features in the near future.

Railway's Online Chatbot ‘ASKDISHA’ Now in Hindi language
Railway’s Online Chatbot ‘ASKDISHA’ Now in Hindi language

The chatbot is a special computer programme designed to simulate conversation with users, especially over the internet. The first-of-its-kind initiative by Railway is aimed at facilitating accessibility by answering users’ queries pertaining to various services offered to railway passengers. Since its initial launch, more than 150 million passengers have been benefited by ASKDISHA with 10 billion interactions for seeking help on the reservation of tickets, cancellation, enquiry of refund status, fare, PNR search, train running status, enquiry about retiring rooms and tourism products.


What is Chatboat?

ChatBot is an AI-based platform that answer’s customer queries.

What is Chatboat Ask Disha?

Ask Disha is an artificial intelligence-based bot present on the Railway website and mobile applications. It has a knowledge base of Railway’s FAQs regarding various services and packages provided by Railway.

What is Disha?

Digital Interaction to Seek Help Anytime (AskDisha) is a ChatBot that has the knowledge base of Railway’s FAQs. It can be accessed 24*7. AskDisha helps you search for information regarding Railway’s services and packages.

What is the response time of ChatBot?

Your queries are replied to instantly as you enter the question. There is no time lag, and it is available 24*7.

What is the availability of the ChatBot?

AskDisha is available on both Railway’s website and mobile application 24*7. Just click on the AskDisha icon and get started.

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  1. irctc forces u to use disha u cannot use normal booking

    option of book seat if lower berth not specified clearly and misleading . same needs to be corrected

  2. I booked a ticket for 3 passengers by Sealdah Rajdhani for 11.10.2022 from Sealdah to Durgapur. The PnR NO. is 6610068377. Please cancel the ticket for all three passengers and make the refund.
    Mallinath Mukhopadhyay


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