Luggage Wrapping, Sanitisation Facility at Railway Stations

Luggage Wrapping, Sanitisation Services at Railway Stations
Luggage Wrapping, Sanitisation Services at Railway Stations

Baggage Sanitization and Wrapping Facility at Railway Stations

Bag/luggage sanitizer machine has been put in at some railway stations to shield passengers from coronavirus infection. Also, the facility of bag/luggage wrapping (packing with polythene) will additionally be obtainable to the passengers, however, a price will have to be paid as an alternative. Further details are following.

Main Features

  • For sanitization, it will take Rs.10 per bag.
  • For wrapping, a price of Rs 40 will be charged per bag.
  • Platform primary in the station is put in in the inquiry corridor.
  • From this gate, passengers are given entry inside the platform.
  • The Bag Sanitizer Automatic Tunnel Machine will sanitize bags and different gadgets with ultraviolet radiation for 360 degrees.
  • A bag will be sanitized in 15 to 20 seconds.

Luggage Sanitization at Railway Station

List of Railway Stations Having Sanitization and Wrapping Facility

Following are the list of railway stations having Luggage sanitization and wrapping facility.

Ahmedabad Railway Division Launches Baggage Sanitization and Wrapping Service

Baggage Sanitization and Wrapping machine have been launched by the Ahmedabad Railway Division at Ahmedabad Railway Station, Gujarat. The machine is a first of its kind across the Indian Railways. The recently launched machine aims to ensure safe travel amid the pandemic. It uses ultraviolet radiation for 360-degree sanitization of the luggage.

The Baggage Sanitization & Wrapping machine has been installed in around 69-sq metre space on Ahmedabad Railway Station in order to provide a safe journey to the passengers travelling by the Railways amid the pandemic. According to the Ahmedabad Railway Division, the UV rays used by the machine will not have any harmful effects on tiffins, food, vegetables or water kept in the baggage.

Kalyan and LTT Stations : Baggage scanning and wrapping facility

Central Railway announced on 20.11.2020 that a unique initiative has been taken up under the NINFRIS policy at Kalyan and LTT railway station o­n Mumbai Division of Central Railway recently, in which sanitizing and wrapping facilities of passenger baggage to protect them in view of Covid pandemic during their journey. The ultraviolet (UV) ray sanitizing is provided at an affordable rate and based o­n the size of the baggage, the sanitizing charges are determined.

This facility which was made available first at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus of Mumbai Division received good response from the passengers. After Kalyan and LTT stations, it will be provided at Dadar, Thane, and Panvel station also.

Pune Railway Station Launches Baggage Wrapping and Sanitisation Services

The Pune Rail Division has started a new and innovative venture to protect railway passengers from the infection of COVID-19. Now the passengers can avail the facility of sanitising the luggage/bag carried during the journey at Pune Railway Station.

Near the entrance at Pune station Reservation Office, baggage/bag sanitizer automatic machine has been installed which sanitises the luggage/bag with ultraviolet rays in 15 to 20 seconds. “Along with this, an additional facility of baggage/bag wrapping has also been provided to the passengers here, which travellers can use during their journey,” said Pune railway division spokesperson Manoj Jhawar.

“Bag/Luggage sanitisation facility is available at Rs 10 and wrapping facility is available Rs 30 per baggage/bag. Both these facilities are completely voluntary for the passengers,” he said. The facility of sanitization of parcels and luggage will also be started very soon in the Parcel Office of Pune station, using handheld ultraviolet machines. Here customers will get the facility to voluntarily sanitise their luggage and parcel.

Two machines — one to sanitize the passengers’ luggage and the other to wrap them in plastic sheets — have been installed in front of the reservation office, near the Pune railway station’s main entrance.

Passengers would have to pay for both the optional services. The sanitization machine is like an X-ray baggage scanner. A piece of luggage is sanitized in 10 to 15 seconds using ultraviolet rays. A passenger would have to pay Rs10 to sanitize each luggage piece,” a railway official said.

Patna Jn, Rajendra Nagar, Patliputra & Danapur Stations

Railway Launched baggage sanitisation (safe UV Light) and Luggage wrapping service for passengers at Patna Jn, Rajendra Nagar, Patliputra & Danapur Stations. Also, complimentary wheel chair and trolley service provided to passengers/Porters.

Parcel Scanning Facility at Railway Station

Hyderabad Station

South Central Railway announced that Railway introduced Parcel Scanning facility at Hyderabad Station in Telangana by Secunderabad Division of SCR. This facility will further enhance the safety of the passengers & parcel transportation over Railways.

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