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PNR Status Enquiry – PNR Status Check Online for train

Check your ✅ PNR Status Live

Step 1: Enter the PNR Number on the text box mentioned below
Step 2: Press the button “SEARCH” to get the result

Search PNR Status

Step 1: Enter the PNR Number on the text box mentioned below

This is the first step to check the PNR Status Enquiry.

For checking any PNR of Indian Railways / Just go to the area specified above wirg Search PNR Status. Then enter your 10 digit PNR No.

PNR Status Check Steps
How to check PNR Status Enquiry?

Step 2: Press the button “SEARCH” to get the result

As a second step just you have to press “Search” button like highlighted on the image a bow to get the latest status of PNR Status.

Highlights of Train Help PNR Status Enquiry Tool

  • One click PNR Status checking tool
  • Faster result whenever checking any PNR
  • Direct view to Current Status of any Passenger Name Record.
  • Easy to use and carry as digital record
  • From and To station location faster identification
  • Chart prepared / Not prepared easy identification using highlighter on bottom left.
  • Bottom right easy Class Code identification.
  • Departure Date , Time and Train Name on direct vision without needs to further search on result received.

By the help of Train Help – PNR Status Enquiry you can easily check any passenger trains run by Indian Railways including Rajdhani Express , Duronto Express ( Non – Stop Express ) , Shatabdi Trains , Shramik Train , Garibh Rath Trains and many more etc. So here after you will not ask again like question , How to check shramik train PNR status?.

You can also find the PNR Status via Indian Rail official website using Check PNR Status – Passenger Name Record Enquiry


Identify PNR No on Train Ticket

Check PNR Status

New Features Of Train Enquiry System 139

What is PNR?

In the travel industry, a Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a record in the database of a Computer Reservation System (CRS) that contains the itinerary for a passenger, or a group of passengers traveling together.

The concept of a PNR was first introduced by airlines that needed to exchange reservation information in case passengers required flights of multiple airlines to reach their destination (‘’interlining’’). For this purpose IATA defined a standard for the layout and content of the PNR.

Although PNRs were originally introduced for air travel, they are now also being used for bookings of hotels, car rental, railways, etc.

✅ Indian Railways PNR

Before checking PNR status should understand something about PNR and its purpose. Almost all the travel industries using PNR to track the Passenger traveling with their service.  

Indian Railways also using PNR (Passenger Name Record) track the passengers traveling on the Indian railway trains. The PNR is applicable to both the type of booking like Counter booking and Railway Online Reservation. Each PNR number represent group of passengers traveling together and maintain their chart electronically. PNR is used on Indian Railways to faster the process of chart preparation and seat allocation activities.

How many Digits are there in Indian Railways PNR No?

  • Indian Railways PNR using 10 digit code to store the PNR

Check Railway ( Indian Rail ) PNR Status – Step by Step

To check the Train PNR Status follow below steps.

Identify PNR No on Train Ticket

If you are having manual Train Ticket booked from railway reservation counter then PNR No. can find directly on ticket.

If your ticket booked via Railway Website then you will get the PNR by following below steps

a) Open Railway Website and visit Booked Transaction History Page

IRCTC Official Website
Railway Website : Booked Ticket History page

b) Identify PNR No on Online Ticket

You can find the PNR no directly on Booked Ticket History Page.

Booked Ticket History IRCTC website
Booked Ticket History

PNR No will contain 10 digit.

Check PNR Status

Log on to Indian Official PNR Status website and Check your PNR No.

You can find the PNR Status via Indian Railways official website using following link Check Your PNR Status

Passenger Name Record - PNR : Checking website

After that selection enter the 10 digit Indian Railways PNR.

Indian Railways Official PNR Status Find Web

Compulsory 35 Seconds Wait to Book Ticket

What all details getting while Checking PNR Status?

Once we check the PNR Status of a travel ticket you will get details like following details when you are checking the PNR Status via Official website PNR Status Details

Destination Alert for Railway Passengers

On Railway you will get following details under PNR Status Details tab.

  • PNR Number : Entered PNR Number
  • Train Number : Booked Train No.
  • From Station : Train ticket taken from Station
  • Boarding point : Station name to which passengers entering train
  • Class  (Class of Travel 3 AC, SL etc)
  • Charting Status : (Chart prepared / Chart Not Prepared)
  • Quota : Type booking  ( General , ladies etc)
  • Date : date of travel
  • Train Name : Name of the train
  • To Station : Destination Station
  • Reservation upto : Reserved till station name
  • No of passengers : No. of passengers traveling together
  • Upgraded Class : If auto upgraded details available on this filed

Status Report

Shows the actual status of the PNR like Booking Status as well as Current status


If you are received following status when checking the PNR then meaning is Confirmed ticket with A2 coach and seat position 48. Your berth is Side Upper.

CNF/A2/48/SU Following are abbreviations using on Railway PNR Status

Railway PNR Status Result
  • CAN        ==>  CANCELLED
  • CNF        ==>  CONFIRM
  • WL          ==> WAITLIST
  • REL       ==> RELEASED
  • NR         ==> NOROOM


Indian railway PNR status checking SMS can performed by the following steps explained.

SMS Services For PNR Status and Other Information

You can also find the PNR by SMS.

SMS based PNR find as following steps

Click on the following links for getting the Indian Rail website results through SMS details for various SMS services offered by Indian Railways

  • 54959
  • 57886
  • 5676747
  • 139

For example 139 SMS formats and other detailed information for sending the SMS available on these links.

Call Railway Enquiry No. 139 or ”PNR” space “PNR Number” and send to 139.

New Features of Train Enquiry System 139

The Integrated Train Enquiry System (139), introduced during 2007, is a very useful system providing train related information such as accommodation availability, current status of PNR, etc. to passengers instantly.Passengers have found this system to be very helpful.

New facilities such as ‘Spot your train’, ‘Mobile based destination arrival alerts’ and ‘Mobile based alarm alerts’ have been added to this system. The ‘Mobile based Destination Arrival Alerts’ is now available on SMS / IVR / Agent assistance through 139. This facility helps passengers on Indian Railways to set an alert / pre-information call before they reach their destination. ‘Spot your train’, yet another helpful facility, is also available through 139.  This facility helps one to know the exact location of a train.  Passengers can make use of these facilities to get additional information and services.
Hope you enjoy the new facility to find the PNR Status via simple Mobile SMS. Let me know your valuable feed back to improve the content.



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