Restaurant on Wheels by Railway

Restaurant on Wheels by Indian Railway
Restaurant on Wheels

Restaurant on Wheels by Railway

Updated : 17.12.2022

Updated : 11.10.2022

Updated : 31.08.2022

Updated : 03.02.2022

Updated : 02.03.2020

The Asansol Division of the Indian Railways launched its’ first ‘Restaurant on Wheels’ on 26.02.2020 for railway passengers and citizens of the city. The Restaurant on Wheels was launched near the Asansol railway station.

The Railways has named the restaurant as ‘Chai Chun Tea cafe’. The railway ministry on Wednesday shared the images of the signature restaurants. Two over-aged MEMU coaches have been converted into signature restaurants. This is likely to generate Rs 50 lakh of non-fare revenue during next 5 years.

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