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Indian Railways Official :: Train Running Status Finder

I know most of them keep on searching for a Beta website that can able to Track any Train. Indian Railways offering a great solution that can help you to find a train with graphical train position.This will work if you have little information about the train running status and tracking train too. Train Running Status finder details are following.
Train Tracker Official Beta Website
This feature is provided by the Official Indian Rail Online Tracker Website . By seeing the name if you are thinking like it was a bad user interface etc.. But do you know, now the Official website is return back with super power I say. Because on the new interface they are providing the awsam experience to the users with latest web technologies. This website provides information like last stations departure time as well as next stations expected time to reach. Track Your Train Now
Search Options: Train No, Train Name, Source, destination or combination of these, Station name, Station code etc.
New Beta Website Notable Features

  1. Information consistency – now much better insights into train/station related information.
  2. Personalization capabilities for fast reuse.
  3. Reduced clutter associated with unwanted broadcasts/advertisements
  4. Faster, convenient and easy to navigate.
  5. Improved Search Capability – Remembering train numbers could become a thing in the past
  6. Powered by more intelligent and robust train-timing prediction engine.
Track Your Train Via Mobile Phone

Do you know now we can track the train via Mobile Phone. This also from the Official website . If your mobile is supporting the feature it automatically route that page when you are visiting the page
For getting the detailed help material for Track Your Train Online using Indian Rail Official Train Tracker visit . Once you visits the same I am sure you won’t remain further doubts.
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