UTS Mobile Ticketing App

UTS Mobile App
UTS Mobile App

UTS Mobile Ticketing App

Indian Railway launched a mobile app for generating unreserved train tickets and it allows passengers to book and cancel unreserved tickets, season tickets and renew passes and buy platform tickets. The application name is ✅ UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) on the Mobile or Mobile railway ticket app. This application will enable the passenger to book Unreserved tickets with a few swipes on the smartphones.

Railway provides option for UTS Mobile App to book Suburban (I and II Class) for Journey ticket, Season Ticket. Express/Mail and Super Fast Trains for Unreserved Ticket and Platform Tickets. UTS allows passengers to book and cancel unreserved tickets.

CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems) has developed the Unreserved Ticketing System. This is a part of Operation five minutes and digital India initiative and it promotes paperless ticketing system. Commuters can show their Mobile instead of tickets. But if any passenger needs the hard copy, they will be able to get it by just punching in the ticket number in the cash/smart card – operated Ticket Vending Machines, installed at the booking hall. Following are the details.

UTS Mobile App for Unreserved Train Tickets Booking
UTS Mobile App for Unreserved Train Tickets Booking


Now Passengers can Book Unreserved, Platform and Season tickets on Automatic Ticket Vending Machines using smart cards – QR-UPI based payment also facilitated for quick booking. Here is the step-by-step guide for booking UTS tickets through ATVMs

  • Step 1 :- Select the destination station by using Map or All other Stations
  • Step 2 :- Select the train route for Non – Suburban Stations.
  • Step 3 :- Select Change Journey Details or Pay No.of adults/child train type – class
  • Step 4 :- Select Payment Options
  • Step 5 :- Select to purchase tickets though Railway Smart Card or UPI or Code
  • Step 6 :- (In case of Smart Card Payment) Place Smart Card in the Card Reader or (In Case of UPI Payment) scan QR code within 110 seconds.
  • Step 7 :- Please collect the Ticket.


Indian Railway announced (on 20.11.2022) that Ministry of Railways have decided to extend the facility to book unreserved tickets on Unreserved Ticketing system (UTS) mobile application from a distance of upto 20 km for non-suburban sections. Meanwhile, in suburban areas, the distance has been enhanced to 5 km.

Earlier, Unreserved Ticket Booking System on UTS mobile application allowed passengers in non-suburban sections to book a ticket from upto 5 km. For the suburban section, the distance restriction for booking tickets through mobile application was 2 km.

Passengers can purchase unreserved tickets from one part of the country to another through Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) mobile application on their smart phones. The unresrved ticket can now be booked in long distance trains for all stations though UTS mobile application subject to availability. The UTS mobile application is available across both Android and IOS platforms and can be downloaded/installed free of cost from there respective play stores.


Download the UPI App -> Register your details -> Login -> Recharge R-Wallet -> Book Ticket -> Travel hassle-free.

Here is the Simple Steps to Download UTS Mobile App.

  • Step 1 – Go to Google play store / App Store / Windows store
  • Step 2 – Search for the UTS app and install it.
  • Step 3 – Click on three dots on top right corner and go to register
  • Step 4 – Complete registration process with your mobile number and OTP verification.

Updated : 26.09.2021


Indian Railway announced on 24.09.2021 via press release that as a Digital India initiative by Government of India and with a view to promote three C’s – Cashless transactions (Digital payment), Contact less ticketing (no need to physically visit the point of sale) and Customer convenience and experience, UTS on Mobile app is now available in Hindi language apart from English. User can opt any one language of his/her choice. Using UTS On Mobile app, Users can choose between paperless or paper ticket mode and can book any type of tickets given below:-

UTS Mobile App in Hindi
UTS Mobile App in Hindi

Benefits of Mobile Ticketing for customers

  • No waiting in ticket queue.
  • Paperless and environmental friendly.
  • Once a ticket is booked the ticket can be shown to TTE even in offline mode without any internet connection.
  • Booking on the run: – Passenger who is in hurry or makes a last minute decision to travel can just reach the station, Scan the QR code displayed at various places at the station. Scan it and book the ticket.
  • Fully Cashless: – The customer can use all types of digital payment options i.e. Rail – Wallet, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI and E Wallets.
  • Cheaper: – The customer who uses Rail-Wallet Facility are given 5% bonus on recharge. For example if a passenger recharges his Wallet for ₹1000, he gets the recharge value of ₹1050.
  • The Mobile Ticket application is fully developed in-house by Indian Railways (CRIS) and is available across platforms – Android and iOS and can be downloaded free of cost from the respective stores. The application has been widely appreciated for its usability and customer experience and has got four star rating at Google Play Store.

Updated : 05.02.2020


Centre for Railway ( Railway released on 06.02.2020) Information System (CRIS) has updated UTS on mobile Android app (Android OS 10 version) to prevent ticket duplications and app cloning.

Indian Railway announced that due to enhanced security feature introduced in UTS-on-Mobile app, Android users who have upgraded to their OS to Android-10 and facing log-in issues may refer to the following guidelines:-

  1. Passengers having no active tickets are requested to place “Change Handset request” o­n receiving notification o­n mobile or through https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in
  2. Passengers with the active ticket are requested to call 24×7 helpline number “139” and place request for handset change providing a registered mobile number.
UTS Mobile App ~ Updated Version
UTS Mobile App ~ Updated Version

Intending passengers can also reach “139” for other UTS-on-Mobile related assistance. All other Android users are requested to update UTS-on-Mobile from Google play store before updating to Android-10.


Ticket Booking Methods

How to book train ticket via UTS Mobile App, details are here.

  • Passengers have to download the mobile app ‘UTS on Mobile’ through Google/Windows/Apple app stores.
  • The app is free and users can download and install it without incurring any charges.
  • Once the app has been downloaded, the passenger has to register by providing his/her mobile number, nearest station, default booking train type, class, ticket type, number of passengers and frequently travelled routes.
  • The mobile application will send an OTP to the mobile number specified against the User ID field to ensure the validity of the mobile number. After successful registration, an SMS will be sent informing the user. A zero-balance R-Wallet account will be activated.
  • The UTS on Mobile app services are not available to a person under the age of 17 or anyone suspended or removed from service by Indian Railways.
  • The UTS on Mobile app, developed by the Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS), was introduced by Indian Railways to enhance the use of digital payment methods.

Rules for Using UTS Mobile App

The application will do the following:

  • The passengers are allowed to book normal (non-concession) journey/return paperless tickets.
  • The journey date will always be the current date. No advance ticket booking is allowed.
  • Tickets can be booked by invoking the Mobile Apps on smartphones.
  • The passenger will be login to the application by giving Mobile number and password for authentication, which will enable only users who have done the registration for a mobile ticket to use the application.
  • In case the internet connection of the mobile is not working, the passenger will not be allowed to book a ticket.
  • Get the GPS location of the passenger. In case, the GPS location of the passenger is not readable, the passenger will not be allowed to book a ticket.
  • Journey ticket once booked cannot be cancelled to avoid refund after performing the journey. Hence, no refund should be permitted for the paperless tickets issued through Smartphone.
  • In case, the passenger is not able to show ticket to the ticket checking staff, then this should be considered as ticketless travel.
  • The paperless ticket is not allowed to take a printout at the ATVM.
  • The journey should commence within 1 hour after booking the paperless ticket.


Book Ticket

  • Normal Booking(Journey and Return tickets)
  • Quick Booking (Journey and Return tickets)
  • Platform Ticket
  • Season Ticket
  • QR Booking (Platform Tickets, Journey and Return Tickets)

Cancellation of Ticket

  • Paper Ticket with booking amount greater then cancellation charges can be cancelled using UTS on the mobile app before printing of ticket. Cancellation of Paperless Ticket is not allowed.

Booking History

  • R-Wallet:
  • R-Wallet Balance
  • Recharge R-Wallet
  • History
  • Surrender R-Wallet


  • Change city
  • Change Frequent travel Route
  • Change Journey Details
  • Change Password
  • Change Handset Request
  • Change Personal Details
  • Sync Ticket

Show Booked Ticket

  • Using ‘show ticket’ feature the ticket can be showed to the TTE(Travelling Ticket Examiner) or TC. Off-line mode is also available to show the paperless ticket if the Internet connection is not available on the mobile.


Following are the steps for booking Platform tickets through UTS Mobile App

  • Select Platform Ticket (PF) from Book Tickets
  • Select the station from the dropdown along with no of persons and confirm booking subject to balance available in R-Wallet.
  • Platform ticket is booked only if you are within 2 km radius of the station and 15 meters away from track.
Steps for booking Platform tickets through UTS Mobile App
Booking of Platform Ticket through UTS Mobile App


Following are the steps for booking Platform tickets through UTS Mobile App

  • Select Quick Booking (QB) from Book Tickets
  • Select favourite route from the list, favourite routes can be selected from profile.
  • Confirm booking subject to balance available in R-Wallet
  • Journey ticket is booked only if you are within 5 km radius of station and 15 meters away from track.


  • User can Recharge (Top-Up) the Wallet, using the payment options like Internet Banking and Debit Card facility.
  • Money is deducted from the user’s account and his wallet will be credited after a successful transaction.
    Recharge R-wallet online on www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in or on any suburban ticket window.


UTS Mobile Application by various Railway division

UTS Mobile App iOS Version
UTS Mobile App iOS Version


Recently i.e on 13.03.2018, Mumbai division launched iOS version of UTS App.

UTS Mobile App is now available for iOS users too for paperless traveling on Mumbai suburban. Click the link – UTS App iOS Version or scan the QR code to download the app.

The link to download the UTS App is : – UTS Mobile App for iOS Version

  • For registration: User Registration, UTS Mobile Ticketing Login
  • For further Information: UTS Mobile Ticketing
  • For the questions and answers related to UTS Mobile Ticketing: Frequently Asked Questions
  • For downloading the app: UTS App Install


Replacement of Printed Card Tickets (PCTs) with UTS Tickets for use at halts.

UTS Mobile App ~ NEWS

3% Bouns on R-Wallet Recharge

Eastern Railway ~ UTS O­n Mobile App Resumed For Non-Suburban Passenger Trains ~ 01.03.2021

  • Applicable for originating and terminating stations within Eastern Railway Zone.
  • Not applicable for fully reserved Mail/Express Trains.
  • Season Tickets will also be issued for unreserved passenger trains.

Eastern Railway announced that the Unreserved ticketing service through UTS o­n Mobile app in non-suburban sections of Eastern Railway has been resumed from 01.03.2021 in a restricted mode. After enabling this app, passengers can get access to purchase tickets in the following manner:-

  • This facility is applicable for Eastern Railway jurisdiction o­nly i.e. both originating and terminating stations within Eastern Railway Zone.
  • Mail/Express tickets will not be issued through this app as unreserved accommodation is not yet allowed in Mail/Express trains.

(UTS Mobile App ticketing system for journeys within suburban areas was started from 6.1.2021. It enabled the passengers to travel without having to stand in queues at the ticket counters. Thus, Railway facilitated the passengers to maintain physical distancing, o­ne of the yardsticks of protection against Corona Virus. However, UTS for Mail/Express trains and short distance passenger trains could not be started as unreserved accommodation in such trains was not allowed. )


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