Antyodaya Express Details

Antyodaya Express Train
Antyodaya Express Train

Antyodaya Express trains are completely Unreserved/General coaches by Indian Railway. Details are as following including it’s fare structure, main features etc.

List of Antyodaya Express Trains

The list and running days details, destination details of all Antyodaya Express trains running by Indian Railway are following.

Antyodaya Express Trains
Train NoDays of ServicesFrom - To
22551SaturdayDarbhanga-Jalandhar City
Darbhanga (Dep)3.25
Jalandhar City (Arr)5.1
22886Sunday, ThursdayTatanagar - LTT
Tatanagar (Dep)21.55
22841Monday Santragachi-MGR Chennai Central
Santragachi (Dep)19
MGR Chennai Central (Arr)22.5
22895SundayDurg - Firozpur
Durg (Dep)7.1
Firozpur (Arr)13
Bandra (T) Dep5.1
Gorakhpur (Arr)176.35
Howrah (Dep)
Ernakulam (Arr)
Jaynagar (Dep)1.35
Udhna (Arr)13
Tambaram (Dep)23
Nagarcoil (Arr)14.2
16355Saturday, ThursdayKochuveli-Mangaluru Jn
Kochuveli (Dep)21.2
Mangaluru Jn. (Arr)9.2
14719Wednesday Bikaner-Bilaspur
Bikaner (Dep)8.1
Bilaspur (Arr)21.4
15551WednesdayDarbhanga-Varanasi City
Darbhanga (Dep)20.55
Varanasi City (Arr)6.45
22552SundayJalandhar City-Darbhanga
Jalandhar City (Dep)10
Darbhanga (Arr)11.35
22885Tuesday, SaturdayLTT - Tatanagar
LTT (Dep)13.2
Tatanagar (Arr)14.2
22842Wednesday MGR Chennai Central-Santragachi
MGR Chennai Central (Dep)8.1
Santragachi (Arr)10.25
Firozpur (Dep)0.2
Durg (Arr)6.3
22922Tuesday Gorakhpur-Bandra(T)
Gorakhpur (Dep)3.25
Bandra Terminus (Arr)16.15
Ernakulam (Dep)0.25
Howrah (Arr)14.5
Udhna (Dep)8.5
Jaynagar (Arr)22.4
16192Daily Nagarcoil-Tambaram
Nagarcoil (Dep)15.5
Tambaram (Arr)7.35
16356Sunday, FridayMangaluru Jn.-Kochuveli
Mangaluru Jn. (Dep)20
Kochuveli (Arr)8.15
Bilaspur (Dep)11.25
Bikaner (Arr)1.1
15552ThursdayVaranasi City-Darbhanga
Varanasi City (Dep)9.15
Darbhanga (Arr)20.35

Western Railway announced on 13.01.2021 that the Bandra (T) – Gorakhpur (Weekly) Superfast Antyodaya Express special train will run w.e.f 17th January 2021 till further notice.

Train Nos.09033/09034 Bandra Terminus – Gorakhpur- Bandra Terminus Weekly Superfast Antyodaya Express Special Trains

  • Train No 09033Bandra Terminus – Gorakhpur (Weekly)Special train will leave Bandra Terminus at 05.10hrs o­n every Sunday and will reach Gorakhpur at 15.45 hrs, the next day. This train will run w.e.f. 17.01.2021 till further advice.
  • Train No. 09034 Gorakhpur- Bandra Terminus(Weekly)Special train will leave Gorakhpurat 03.25 hrs on every Tuesday and arrive Bandra Terminus at 14.25 hrs, the next day. This train will run w.e.f. 19.01.2021 till further advice.

Borivali, Vapi, Surat, Vadodara, Ratlam, Kota, Bharatpur, Achhnera, Mathura Jn, Kasganj, Farrukhabad, Kanpur Central, Lucknow, Gonda, Balrampur, Siddharth Nagar and Anand Nagar stations in both directions.
Second class seating coaches.


Indian Railways introduced the first Antyodaya Express between Ernakulam and Howrah viz. 22877/22878 Ernakulam – Howrah Antyodaya Express (Weekly). The train service was inaugurated on 27.02.2017 by Minister of Railways through video conferencing from Rail Bhawan, New Delhi. As announced in Railway Budget 2016-17, Antyodaya Express are long-distance, fully unreserved, super fast train service, for the common man to be operated on dense routes.

The coaches of  Antyodaya Express are fully unreserved LHB second class coaches with the following additional amenities:

  • Cushioned luggage racks which can serve as seats
  • Additional hand holds in doorway area
  • J-Hook near longitudinal luggage racks
  • Multiple Unit cables at both ends of the coach
  • Vestibuled ends for internal movement of the passengers
  • Potable Drinking water dispenser
  • Mobile charging points
  • Fire Extinguisher with anti-theft lock
  • FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) Modular Toilets
  • Pleasing interior colour scheme
  • Toilet Occupation indication display board
  • LED Lights
  • SS Slip-free flooring at Doorway and Gangway
  • Anti-Graffiti coating for exterior painting

Ministry of Railways has identified following Antyodaya Express which will be launched in Phases

  • 15567/15568 Darbhanga-Jalandhar City Antyodaya Express Train (Weekly)
  • 22885/22886 Lokmanya Tilak(T)-Tatanagar Antyodaya Express Train (Bi-weekly)
  • 22841/22842 Santragachi-Chennai Central Antyodaya Express (Weekly)
  • 22895/22896 Bilaspur-Firozpur Antyodaya Express (Weekly)
  • 22921/22922 Bandra(T)-Gorakhpur Antyodaya Express (Weekly)
  • 22877/22878 Howrah-Ernakulam Antyodaya Express (Weekly)
  • 15563/15564 Jaynagar-Udhna Antyodaya Express (Weekly)

Earlier News

Antyodaya Express : Complete Unreserved Train

Antyodaya Express, an Indian Railways train for the unreserved class, that was announced by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu during his Rail Budget speech this year, is all set to be ready by September-end, a famous Newspaper reported. 

Five Antyodaya rakes are likely to be introduced in the current year. ICF (Integral Coach Factory) has finalized the design of the train, and it will soon start manufacturing the train’s coaches. Antyodaya Express coaches will be a modification of LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) type, ie. they will boast of a stainless body. This Train was one of the five new trains proposed by Suresh Prabhu in his Rail Budget. For the unreserved passengers, he had talked of two types of new trains and coaches, Antyodaya Express and Deen Dayalu coaches.

ICF has already rolled out a Deen Dayalu coach and it will soon start plying on high-density routes. Antyodaya will have the same facilities as a Deen Dayalu coach. The only difference between Deen Dayalu and Antyodaya is that the coaches in the latter will be joined together. “So while Deen Dayalu is manufactured on a single coach basis that can be fitted in any train, Antyodaya is a whole train only for unreserved passengers,” the newspaper reported.

Just like Deen Dayalu coaches, which are non-AC, Antyodaya will also have more comfortable seats compared to others in the general class category. All new facilities that have been introduced in the Deen Dayalu coaches, such as aqua-guard for drinking water, toilet occupation indication display boards, bio-toilets, fire extinguishers with anti-theft arrangement, cushioned luggage racks with coat hooks, LED lights, more mobile charging points and enhanced capacity dustbins, will also be seen in Antyodaya Express. Additionally in case of Antyodaya Express, for the first time Indian Railways will try out operations with locomotives at both ends. This the Railways says will ensure faster acceleration and deceleration and help in expeditious turnaround at terminals.



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