Train Number Changes

Train Number Changes

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on train numbers, visit the official Indian Railways website or check their mobile app. They typically provide updated information on train numbers, cancellations, delays, and other important announcements. Below is a list of trains whose numbers have recently changed:

Northern Railway

Northern railways have decide to renumber the following trains from 01.07.2024 as under:-

  • Train No.01823 to Train No.51813 – Virangana Lakshmibai – Lucknow Daily
  • Train No.01824 to Train No.51814 – Lucknow – Virangana Lakshmibai Daily
  • Train No.04117 to Train No. 51817 – Kurj – Lalitpur Daily
  • Train No.04118 to Train No. 51818 – Lalitpur – Kurj Daily
  • Train No.01821 to Train No. 51821 – Mahoba – Kurj Daily
  • Train No.01822 to Train No. 51822 – Kurj – Mahoba Daily

South Western Railway

  • SWR changed the train number of 82653/82654 Yesvantpur-Jaipur-Yesvantpur to revised train number 20667/20668 Yesvantpur-Jaipur-Yesvantpur Superfast Express, with the same existing timings and stoppages. This change will be effective from 03.10.2024 for train number 20667 departing from Yesvantpur, and from 05.10.2024 for train number 20668 departing from Jaipur.