Rajdhani Express in India

Rajdhani Express Trains in India
Rajdhani Express Trains in India list

Rajdhani Express

The Rajdhani Express is a prominent passenger train service in India that establishes vital connections between New Delhi and other significant destinations, primarily state capitals. Launched in 1969, the Rajdhani Express aimed to provide rapid connectivity from different New Delhi railway stations to the capital cities of various Indian states, and in some cases, to major cities within the states it served.

The first Rajdhani Express left New Delhi station for Howrah station to cover a distance of 1,445 km in 17 hours 20 mins. These trains get the highest priority on the Indian railway network. Fully air-conditioned, passengers receive complimentary meals during the journey. Depending on the duration and timings of the journey, these could include lunch, high tea, dinner, morning tea and breakfast. Almost all Rajdhani trains offer three classes of accommodation:  

  • First Class AC with 2- or 4-berth lockable bedrooms.
  • AC 2-tier with open berths (bays of 4 berths + 2 berths on the other side of the corridor) with curtains for privacy
  • AC 3-tier (bays of 6 berths + 2 berths on the side) with no curtains.

Currently, there are 50 trains of Rajdhani Express trains, connecting New Delhi to Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Guwahati/Dibrugarh, Hyderabad, Ranchi, Kolkata , Jammu, Mumbai , Patna and Thiruvananthapuram. These trains have fewer stops than other express trains. They halt only in prominent cities and state capitals like Bhopal, Ratlam, Itarsi, Nagda, Allahabad, Nagpur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Bokaro, Jhansi, Kota, and Jaipur.

Rajdhani Train List : Time Table of Rajdhani Trains Updates

Following table shows complete list of Rajdhani Trains running in India.

Updated: 14 JAN 2024

Train NumberTrain NameDaysSourceDepartureDestinationArrival
12301KOLKATA RAJDHNI / Howrah - New Delhi Rajdhani Express (Via Gaya)MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI,SATHOWRAH JN04:50:00 PMNEW DELHI10:05:00 AM
12302New Delhi - Howrah Rajdhani Express (Via Gaya)SUN,MON,TUE,WED,THU,SATNEW DELHI04:50:00 PMHOWRAH JN09:55:00 AM
12305KOLKATA RJDHNI / Howrah - New Delhi Rajdhani Express (Via Patna)SUNHOWRAH JN02:05:00 PMNEW DELHI10:05:00 AM
12306New Delhi - Howrah Rajdhani Express (Via Patna)FRINEW DELHI04:50:00 PMHOWRAH JN12:25:00 PM
12309Rajendra Nagar Terminal - New Delhi Tejas Rajdhani ExpressDAILYRAJENDRANAGAR T07:10:00 PMNEW DELHI07:40:00 AM
12310New Delhi - Rajendra Nagar Terminal Tejas Rajdhani ExpressDAILYNEW DELHI05:10:00 PMRAJENDRANAGAR T05:15:00 AM
12313Sealdah - New Delhi Rajdhani ExpressDAILYSEALDAH04:50:00 PMNEW DELHI10:50:00 AM
12314SEALDAH RJDHANI / New Delhi - Sealdah Rajdhani ExpressDAILYNEW DELHI04:30:00 PMSEALDAH10:10:00 AM
12423Dibrugarh - New Delhi Rajdhani Express (PT)DAILYDIBRUGARH TOWN08:55:00 PMNEW DELHI10:30:00 AM
12424New Delhi - Dibrugarh Rajdhani ExpressDAILYNEW DELHI04:20:00 PMDIBRUGARH TOWN06:00:00 AM
12425JAMMU RAJDHANI / New Delhi - Jammu Tawi Rajdhani ExpressDAILYNEW DELHI08:40:00 PMJAMMU TAWI05:00:00 AM
12426Jammu Tawi - New Delhi Rajdhani ExpressDAILYJAMMU TAWI09:25:00 PMNEW DELHI05:55:00 AM
12431Thiruvananthapuram Central - Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani ExpressTUE,THU,FRITRIVANDRUM CNTL07:15:00 PMH NIZAMUDDIN12:30:00 PM
12432Hazrat Nizamuddin - Thiruvananthapuram Central Rajdhani ExpressSUN,TUE,WEDH NIZAMUDDIN06:16:00 AMTRIVANDRUM CNTL11:35:00 PM
12433M.G.R Chennai Central - Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani ExpressSUN, FRICHENNAI CENTRAL06:05:00 AMH NIZAMUDDIN10:30:00 AM
12434CHENNAI RAJDHNI / Hazrat Nizamuddin - M.G.R.Chennai Central Rajdhani ExpressWED,FRIH NIZAMUDDIN03:35:00 PMCHENNAI CENTRAL09:00:00 PM
12437Secunderabad - Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani ExpressWEDSECUNDERABAD JN12:50:00 PMH NIZAMUDDIN10:30:00 AM
12438Hazrat Nizamuddin - Secunderabad Rajdhani ExpressSUNH NIZAMUDDIN03:35:00 PMSECUNDERABAD JN01:35:00 PM
12441Bilaspur - New Delhi Rajdhani ExpressMON,THUBILASPUR JN02:00:00 PMNEW DELHI10:40:00 AM
12442BILASPUR RJDHNI / New Delhi - Bilaspur Rajdhani ExpressTHU,SATNEW DELHI03:25:00 PMBILASPUR JN12:00:00 PM
12453Ranchi - New Delhi Rajdhani Express (via Chopan)SUNRANCHI05:15:00 PMNEW DELHI11:10:00 AM
12454New Delhi - Ranchi Rajdhani Express (via Chopan)SATNEW DELHI04:10:00 PMRANCHI09:45:00 AM
12951MUMBAI RAJDHANI /Mumbai Central - New Delhi Tejas Rajdhani ExpressDAILYMUMBAI CENTRAL05:00:00 PMNEW DELHI08:32:00 AM
12952New Delhi - Mumbai Central Tejas Rajdhani ExpressDAILYNEW DELHI04:55:00 PMMUMBAI CENTRAL08:35:00 AM
12953August Kranti Tejas Rajdhani ExpressDAILYMUMBAI CENTRAL05:10:00 PMH NIZAMUDDIN09:43:00 AM
12954August Kranti Tejas Rajdhani ExpressDAILYH NIZAMUDDIN05:15:00 PMMUMBAI CENTRAL10:05:00 AM
12957Swarna Jayanti Rajdhani ExpressDAILYAHMEDABAD JN06:50:00 PMNEW DELHI07:30:00 AM
12958Swarna Jayanti Rajdhani ExpressDAILYNEW DELHI07:55:00 PMAHMEDABAD JN08:25:00 AM
20407Ranchi - New Delhi Rajdhani Express (Via Japla)THURANCHI6:25 PMNEW DELHI11:10 AM
20408New Delhi - Ranchi Rajdhani Express (Via Japla)WEDNEW DELHI4:10 PMRanchi8:10 PM
20501Agartala - Anand Vihar Terminal Tejas Rajdhani ExpressMONAGARTALA03:10:00 PMANAND VIHAR TRM10:50:00 AM
20502Anand Vihar Terminal - Agartala Tejas Rajdhani ExpressWEDANAND VIHAR TRM07:50:00 PMAGARTALA03:40:00 PM
20503Dibrugarh - New Delhi Rajdhani Express (Via Moranhat)SUN,TUE,WED,THU,SATDibrugarh7:55 PMNEW DELHI1:38PM
20505Dibrugarh - New Delhi Rajdhani Express (Via Rangapara North)MON,FRIDibrugarh10:00 PMNEW DELHI1:38 PM
20506New Delhi - Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express (Via Rangapara North)SUN,THUNEW DELHI11:25 AMDibrugarh3:10 AM
20504New Delhi - Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express (Via Moranhat)MON,TUE,WED,FRI,SATNEW DELHI11:25 AMDibrugarh4:40 AM
20817Bhubaneswar - New Delhi Tejas Rajdhani Express (Via Sambalpur City)SATBHUBANESWAR07:15:00 AMNEW DELHI09:15:00 AM
20818BUBNESWR RJDHNI / New Delhi - Bhubaneswar Tejas Rajdhani Express (Via Sambalpur City)SUNNEW DELHI05:00:00 PMBHUBANESWAR08:10:00 PM
20840New Delhi - Ranchi Rajdhani Express (Via Bokaro Steel City)MON,FRINew Delhi4:10 PMRanchi9:05 AM
22221Mumbai CSMT - Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani ExpressDAILYMumbai CSMT4:00 PMHazrat Nizamuddin9:55 AM
22222Hazrat Nizamuddin - Mumbai CSMT Rajdhani ExpressDAILYHazrat Nizamuddin4:55 PMMumbai CSMT11:15 AM
22413Madgaon - Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani ExpressSUN,MONMADGAON10:00:00 AMH NIZAMUDDIN12:30:00 PM
22414Hazrat Nizamuddin - Madgaon Rajdhani ExpressFRI,SATH NIZAMUDDIN06:16:00 AMMADGAON07:10:00 PM
22691/K.S.R. Bengaluru - Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani ExpressDAILYKSR BENGALURU08:00:00 PMH NIZAMUDDIN05:30:00 AM
22692BANGLORE RJDHNI / Hazrat Nizamuddin - K.S.R. Bengaluru Rajdhani ExpressDAILYH NIZAMUDDIN07:50:00 PMKSR BENGALURU05:20:00 AM
22811Bhubaneswar - New Delhi Tejas Rajdhani Express (via Adra)SUN,WEDBHUBANESWAR10:35:00 AMNEW DELHI09:55:00 AM
22812BUBNESWR RJDHNI / New Delhi - Bhubaneswar Tejas Rajdhani Express (via Adra) MON,FRINEW DELHI05:00:00 PMBHUBANESWAR04:15:00 PM
22823Bhubaneswar - New Delhi Tejas Rajdhani Express (via Tatanagar)MON,TUE,THU,FRIBHUBANESWAR09:30:00 AMNEW DELHI09:55:00 AM
22824BUBNESWR RJDHNI / New Delhi - Bhubaneswar Tejas Rajdhani Express (Via Tatanagar)TUE,WEN,THU,SATNEW DELHI05:00:00 PMBHUBANESWAR05:30:00 PM

Rajdhani Express – European Model Coaches

Western Railway announced that Railway decided to upgraded the Trains into European model. The Railway upgraded a Mumbai-New Delhi Rajdhani Express first-class AC LHB coach experimentally at Lower Parel Workshop.

  • This coach features high-quality upholstery and carpet similar to those used in European railroads, ensuring a superior touch and feel for its premium clientele.
  • For ladies and senior citizens, ergonomically designed wooden ladders have been incorporated in steps, as opposed to the earlier metal ladders, to facilitate climbing up to the upper berth. Improved illumination in the coach with judicious use of an advanced LED-based lighting system enhances reading lights.
  • Pre-anodized aluminium reflectors for compartment lights
  • A more vibrant and pleasing colour scheme has been chosen for the walls.
  • Long-lasting anti-graffiti PU light blue and cream paint have been extensively used to facilitate easy cleaning of the coach.
  • For overall cleanliness and hygiene of the lavatory, oriental style lavatory floors have been redesigned for swift drainage and easy maintenance.
  • Large scale use of stainless steel components adds to the aesthetics of the coach.


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