Train Timing Changes Updates

Train Timing Changes Updates
Train Timing Changes Updates

Train Timing Changes Updates

Ministry of Railway frequently announcing new timing for the trains as per the demands of the passengers. Through accepting the demands of the passengers Railway is once again proved that it is always serving the society. Here are the zone wise details regarding Train Timing changes updates.

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Train Time Change 2023 ~ CR

Change in timings of Diva-Ratnagiri passenger train :- Central Railway will change the timings of Train no 50103 Diva-Ratnagri Passenger with effect from 15.3.2023. The new timings will be as follows: Train no 50103 will leave Diva Jn at 17.50 hrs instead of 15.20 hrs and arrive Roha at 20.07 hrs instead of 17.25 hrs same day. New Timings at stations enroute will be as below ; Panvel – 18.30 hrs, Apta-18.55 hrs, Jite – 19.08 hrs, Pen – 19.19 hrs, Kasu – 19.30 hrs and Nagothane – 19.43 hrs.

Train Time Change 2023 ~ ER

Railways has decided to revise the timings of 12316 Udaipur – Kolkata Anannya Express at Jaipur station with effect from 17.04.2023. The train will arrive jaipur at 09:00 hrs instead of 08:55 hrs. and will leave Jaipur at 09:10 hrs. Timings of the train at all other stations will remain unchanged.

Train Time Change 2023 ~ SR

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Train Time Change 2023 ~ SCR

Change in Terminal Station and Timing w.e.f 29.04.2023

Change in Terminal Station and Timing w.e.f 29.04.2023

Train Time Change 2023 ~ WR

Revision in timings and terminal change of certain trains in connection with pit line two works at BDTS ~ 24.11.2022


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