Circular Railway Trains by Indian Railway

Circular Railway Trains by Indian Railway

India did not have a fully operational nationwide circular railway system. However, several cities in India have circular railway lines or suburban rail networks that cater to local commuters. One notable example is the Circular Railway in Kolkata, West Bengal. The Kolkata Circular Railway is a suburban railway network that encircles the city of Kolkata. It was originally introduced to reduce road traffic congestion in the city. The circular railway line connects various parts of Kolkata and its suburbs, making it easier for people to travel within the city and its outskirts.

Circular Railway Trains : Updates

Eastern Railway announced that to support the immersion of Goddess Kali idols, Circular Railway train services will be adjusted from 16:00 hrs. to 07:00 hrs. on the mornings of November 13, 14, 15, and 16, 2023. As a result, the following arrangements have been implemented in the running of trains:

  • Two (02) nos. of Circular Railway EMU local (30312 & 30314) will be short terminated at Kolkata Station and Two (02) nos. of Circular Railway EMU local (30331 & 30313) will be short originated from Kolkata station.
  • Two (02) pairs of Circular Railway EMU local (30122, 30123, 30154 & 30111) will be diverted and short terminated at/short originated from Sealdah (North) station.
  • One (01) pair of Circular Railway EMU local (30711 & 30552) will be short terminated at/short originated from Ballygunge station.
  • One (01) pair of Circular Railway EMU local (30112 & 30317) will be diverted via Kankurgachhi Road Jn-Ballygunge route and short terminated at/short originated from Ballygunge station.
  • One (01) pair of Circular Railway EMU local (30416 & 30451) will be short terminated at/short originated from Majerhat station.
  • Two (02) nos. of Circular Railway EMU local (30135 & 30353) will run via diverted route via Ballygunge.
  • One (01) No. of Circular Railway EMU local( 30332) will be diverted via Kankurgachi Road Jn-Ballygunge route.

Circular Railway Trains : Short Termination/Short Origination/ Diversion/Cancellation on 14.10.2023

Eastern Railway announced that fhe following Circular Railway trains will be Short Terminated /Short Originated/Diverted/Cancelled on account of Mahalaya “Tarpan” on 14.10.2023 (Saturday) from 04.00 hrs. to 18.00 hrs. as under

Short Termination at Kolkata:

  • 30322 Hasnabad- BBD Bag Local via Tala (at Tala 07.41 hrs.)
  • 30344 Bangaon Jn.-Majerhat Local via Tala (at Tala 09.21 hrs.)
  • 30324 Prinsep Ghat-Majerhat Local via Tala (at Tala 10.45 hrs.)
  • 30346 Bangaon Jn.- Majerhat Local via Tala (at Tala 11.51 hrs.)
  • 30332 Habra-Majerhat Local via Tala (at Tala 15.20 hrs.)
  • 30312 Barasat-Majerhat Local via Tala (at Tala 16.34 hrs.).

Short Origination from Kolkata

  • 30145 BBD Bag-Krishnanagar City Jn. Local via Tala (at Tala 08.30 hrs.)
  • 30351 Majerhat-Barasat Local via Tala (at Tala 11.07 hrs.)
  • 30333 Majerhat-Habra Local via Tala (at Tala 12.32 hrs.)
  • 30311 Majerhat-Barasat Local via Tala (at Tala 13.36 hrs.)
  • 30353 Majerhat- Dattapukur Local via Tala (at Tala 16.52 hrs.)
  • 30331 Majerhat- Habra Local via Tala (at Tala 18.25 hrs.)

Diversion & Short Termination at Sealdah (North)

  • 30128 Kalyani Simanta-Majerhat Local via Tala [at 09.57 hrs. (approx.)]
  • 30116 Barrackpore-BBD Bag Local via Tala [at 10.20 hrs. (approx.)]
  • 30122 Naihati- Ballygunge Jn. Local via Tala [at 16.22 hrs. (approx.)].

Origination from Sealdah (North):

  • 30121 Majerhat- Naihati Local via Tala (at Sealdah 11 .55 hrs.)
  • 30113 BBD Bag-Barrackpore Local via Tala (at Sealdah 11.00 hrs.)
  • 30111 Ballygunge Jn.-Barrackpore Local via Tala (at Sealdah 19.43 hrs.)

Diversion via Kankurgachl Road- Ballygunge Jn. to Majerhat

  • 30142 Gede-Majerhat Local via Tala [08.45 hrs. (approx.)] Will run via scheduled route from Majerhat 30357 Majerhat-Madhyamgram Local (at Majerhat 09.00 hrs.) Will run via scheduled route to Majerhat
  • 30358 Madhyamgram-Majerhat Local via Ballygunge Jn.- Kankurgachhi Road (at Majerhat 11.47 hrs.)
  • 30152 Naihati- Majerhat Local via Ballygunge Jn. (at Majerhat 18.05 hrs.)

Will run via scheduled route to Hasnabad

  • 30361 Majerhat-Hasnabad Local via Ballygunge Jn.-Kankurgachhi Road (at Majerhat 12.38 hrs.)

Will run via diverted route via Ballygunge

  • 30135 Majerhat-Ranaghat Local via Tala (at Majerhat 18.13 hrs.)

Short-termination at Ballygun Jn

  • 30511 Champahati- Majerhat local via Ballygunge J (at Ballygunge Jn. 08.46 hrs.)
  • 30711 Lakshmikantap Majerhat Local via Ballygunge Jn. (at Ballygunge Jn. 16.01 hrs.)

Short Origination from Ballygunge Jn. and w run via. Ballygunge Jn.-Kankurgachi Road

  • 30321 Majerhat-Hasnabad Local via Tala (at Ballygunge Jn. 09.55 hrs.)
  • 30317 Majerhat-Duttapukur Local via Tala ( Ballygunge Jn. 17.00 hrs.)

Diversion via Kankurgach Road Ballygunge Jn. And Short Termination Ballygunge Jn.

  • 30342 Bangaon Jn.- Majerhat Local v Tala (at Ballygunge Jn. 08.55 hrs.)

Short Origination fro Ballygunge Jn. :

  • 30712 Majerhat-Lakshmikantapur Loc via Ballygunge Jn. (at Ballygunge Jn. 10.12 hrs.)

Cancellation of train services

  • 30412 Sealdah-BB Bag Local via Majerhat (Sealdah 09.04 hrs.)
  • 3041 Sealdah-BBD Bag Local via Majerhat (Sealdah 17.14 hrs
  • 30411 BBD Bag-Sealdah Local via Majerhat (BBD Ba 10.52 hrs.)
  • 30451 BBD Bag-Baruipur Local via Majerha (BBD Bag 18.22 hrs.).


✅ What is a Circular Railway Train in India?

Circular Railway Train in India is a train service that operates in a circular route, connecting various points of a city or region and ultimately returning to the starting point.

✅ Where can I find Circular Railway Trains in India?

Circular Railway Trains are typically found in major cities such as Kolkata, where they provide convenient transportation within the city and nearby suburbs.

✅ What is the purpose of Circular Railway Trains?

Circular Railway Trains are designed to ease commuter traffic within cities. They offer an efficient mode of transport, especially for daily commuters and tourists, by connecting important locations in a circular fashion.

✅ How can I buy tickets for Circular Railway Trains?

Tickets for Circular Railway Trains can be purchased at the respective railway stations or online through the official Indian Railways website or mobile apps.

✅ Do Circular Railway Trains operate daily?

Yes, Circular Railway Trains in cities like Kolkata operate on a daily basis, providing regular and consistent services for commuters.

✅ Can I use regular Indian Railways tickets on Circular Railway Trains?

Regular Indian Railways tickets are not typically valid for Circular Railway Trains. Passengers need to purchase specific tickets for the circular routes.

✅ Are Circular Railway Trains air-conditioned?

The availability of air-conditioned Circular Railway Trains depends on the specific city and the services provided. Some Circular Railway Trains may have air-conditioned coaches.

Circular Railway Trains often cover popular routes within cities, connecting significant landmarks, commercial areas, and residential neighbourhoods.

✅ Is there a schedule for Circular Railway Trains?

Yes, Circular Railway Trains operate on fixed schedules. It is advisable to check the timetable either at the stations or online to plan your journey accordingly.

✅ Are Circular Railway Trains a tourist attraction?

Circular Railway Trains, especially in cities like Kolkata, are popular among tourists as they offer an affordable way to explore the city’s major attractions and heritage sites.


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