KSR Bengaluru City Junction Bangalore

Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna -Bengaluru City Railway station - SBC
Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna -Bengaluru City Railway station - SBC Board

KSR Bengaluru City Junction, also known as Bangalore City Railway Station, is a busy hub that connects people to the lively city of Bangalore in India. This large railway junction has a fascinating past, connects to different parts of the country effortlessly, and is an important part of Bangalore’s city life. In this blog post, we’ll dive into KSR Bengaluru City Junction, discovering the exciting experiences, attractions, and conveniences it provides for both travelers and locals.

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Bengaluru City Train Time : Complete List of Arrival and Departure Trains from KRANTIVIRA SANGOLLI RAYANNA (BENGALURU) – SBC

Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna (Bengaluru) Railway Station Code – SBC

Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna (Bengaluru) Railway Station Pin Code: 560023

Bangalore Railway Station Phone Number : 080-22155337

Bangalore City Railway Station Address:

Gubbi Thotadappa Road,
M.G. Railway Colony, Majestic
Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560023

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Train Time Table Chart : Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna (Bengaluru) – SBC

Following are latest train time table of trains starting or passing through Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna (Bengaluru) – SBC / Bangalore City railway Station

Updated: JAN – 20 – 2024

Train NoTrain NameFromDestinationDeparture TimeScheduleType
17391K.S.R Bengaluru - SSS Hubballi ExpressSBCUBL/SSS Hubballi Jn 12:15 AMDailyExpress
6270SMVT Bengaluru - Mysuru Express SpecialSBCMysuru12:15 AMDailyExpress
6269Mysuru - SMVT Bengaluru Express Special (UnReserved)SBCSMVT Bengaluru Express Special12:55 AMDailyExpress
22817Howrah - Mysuru Weekly SF ExpressSBCMysuru1:03 AMSundaySuper Fast
22135Mysuru - Renigunta SF ExpressSBCRenigunta1:35 AMSaturdaySuper Fast
6559KSR Bengaluru - Mysuru MEMU Express SpecialSBCMysuru Jn2:05 AMDailyMEMU
22818Mysuru - Howrah Weekly SF Express (PT)SBCHowrah Jn 2:10 AMMondaySuper Fast
16021Kaveri Express (PT)SBCMysuru Jn4:00 AMDailyExpress
1763KSR Bengaluru - Channapatna MEMU Express SpecialSBCChannapatna 4:15 AMDailyMEMU
16220Tirupati - Chamarajanagar Express (PT)SBCChamarajanagar 4:30 AMDailyExpress
6243KSR Bengaluru - Hosapete Intercity Express SpecialSBCHosapete Jn 5:00 AMDailyExpress
16228Talguppa - Mysuru Express (Via Bengaluru)SBCMysuru Jn5:05 AMDailyExpress
22682MGR Chennai Central - Mysuru Weekly SF Express (PT)SBCMysuru Jn5:25 AMFridaySuper Fast
12691MGR Chennai Central - Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam SF Express (PT)SBCSri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam 5:25 AMSaturdaySuper Fast
16231Mayiladuturai - Mysuru Express (PT)SBCMysuru Jn5:45 AMDailyExpress
20661KSR Bengaluru - Dharwad Vande Bharat ExpressSBCDharwad5:45 AMDailyT18
16591Hampi ExpressSBCMysuru Jn6:00 AMDailyExpress
12079K.S.R Bengaluru - SSS Hubballi Janshatabdi ExpressSBCHubballi Jn 6:00 AMDailyJan Shatabdi
12028KSR Bengaluru - MGR Chennai Central Shatabdi ExpressSBCMGR Chennai Central6:00 AMDailyShatabdi
12677KSR Bengaluru - Ernakulam InterCity SF ExpressSBCERS / Ernakulam Jn6:10 AMDailySuper Fast
12608Lalbagh SF ExpressSBCMAS / MGR Chennai Central 6:25 AMDailySuper Fast
12785Kacheguda - Mysuru SF Express (PT)SBCMysuru Jn6:35 AMDailySuper Fast
16586Mangaluru Central - SMVT Bengaluru ExpressSBCSMVB / SMVT Bengaluru 6:35 AMMon-SATExpress
6396KSR Bengaluru - Marikuppam MEMU SpecialSBCMKM / Marikuppam7:00 AMDailyMEMU
16235Tuticorin - Mysuru Express (PT)SBCMysuru Jn7:15 AMDailyExpress
6515KSR Bengaluru - Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam MEMU Express SpecialSBCSri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam 7:30 AMDailyMEMU
6509KSR Bengaluru - Danapur Clone SpecialSBCDanapur 7:50 AMMondayHumsafar
12610Mysuru - MGR Chennai Central SF ExpressSBCMGR Chennai Central8:00 AMDailySuper Fast
16536Gol Gumbaz Express (PT)SBCMysuru Jn8:00 AMDailyExpress
16217Mysuru - Sainagar Shirdi Weekly ExpressSBCSainagar Shirdi Trm 8:05 AMMondayExpress
6595K S R Bengaluru - Dharmavaram MEMU SpecialSBCDharmavaram Jn 8:15 AMDailyMEMU
17308Basava ExpressSBCMysuru Jn8:20 AMDailyExpress
6387KSR Bengaluru - Kolar DEMU SpecialSBCKolar 8:35 AMMon-SATDEMU
16316Kochuveli - Mysuru Express (PT)SBCMysuru Jn8:35 AMDailyExpress
17326Vishwamanava ExpressSBCBelagavi 8:45 AMDailyExpress
6551KSR Bengaluru - Jolarpettai MEMU SpecialSBCJolarpettai Jn 8:45 AMDailyMEMU
6257KSR Bengaluru - Mysuru MEMU SpecialSBCMysuru Jn9:15 AMDailyMEMU
6571KSR Bengaluru - Tumakuru MEMU SpecialSBCTumakuru 9:20 AMDailyMEMU
1765KSR Bengaluru - Whitefield MEMU Express SpecialSBCWhitefield 9:20 AMDailyMEMU
6581KSR Bengaluru - Channapatna Passenger Special (UnReserved)SBCChannapatna 9:30 AMDailyPass
6561KSR Bengaluru - Bangarapet MEMU SpecialSBCBangarapet Jn 9:45 AMDailyMEMU
6583KSR Bengaluru - Hassan DEMU SpecialSBCHassan Jn 9:55 AMMon-SATDEMU
22687Mysuru - Varanasi SF Express (PT)SBCVaranasi Jn 10:05 AMTue-ThuSuper Fast
20607MGR Chennai Central - Mysuru Vande Bharat ExpressSBCMysuru Jn10:15 AMDailyT18
6037MGR Chennai Central - Mysuru Special Fare Vande Bharat SpecialSBCMysuru10:15 AMWedVande Bharat Special
12007MGR Chennai Central - Mysuru Shatabdi ExpressSBCMysuru Jn10:45 AMDailyShatabdi
20660KSR Bengaluru - Mysuru Rajya Rani SF ExpressSBCMysuru Jn11:30 AMDailySuper Fast
6389KSR Bengaluru - Bangarapet MEMU Express SpecialSBCBangarapet Jn 11:40 AMDailyMEMU
6529KSR Bengaluru - Kuppam MEMU Express SpecialSBCKuppam 11:50 AMDailyMEMU
19668Palace Queen Humsafar ExpressSBCUdaipur City 12:15 PMThursdayHumsafar
1775K S R Bengaluru - Marikuppam MEMU SpecialSBCMarikuppam 12:20 PMDailyMEMU
12725Siddhaganga SF ExpressSBCDharwad 12:45 PMDailySuper Fast
16218Sainagar Shirdi - Mysuru Weekly ExpressSBCMysuru12:55 PMThursdayExpress
7345Chamarajanagar - Tumakuru Passenger Special (UnReserved)SBCTumakuru 1:00 PMDailyPass
12975Mysuru - Jaipur SF Express (PT)SBCJaipur Jn 1:15 PMThu-SATSuper Fast
12976Jaipur - Mysuru SF Express (PT)SBCMysuru Jn1:15 PMWed-FriSuper Fast
19667Palace Queen Humsafar ExpressSBCMysuru Jn1:30 PMWedHumsafar
18464Prasanti Express (PT)SBCBhubaneswar 1:40 PMDailyExpress
6575KSR Bengaluru - Tumakuru MEMU SpecialSBCTumakuru 1:45 PMDailyMEMU
12578Bagmati Superfast Express (PT)SBCDarbhanga Jn 1:50 PMFridaySuper Fast
20624Malgudi SF ExpressSBCMysuru Jn1:50 PMDailySuper Fast
22665KSR Bengaluru - Coimbatore UDAY ExpressSBCCoimbatore Jn 2:15 PMDailyUday
22626KSR Bengaluru - MGR Chennai Central AC Double Decker ExpressSBCMGR Chennai Central2:30 PMDailyDouble Decker
6038Mysuru - MGR Chennai Central Special Fare Vande Bharat SpecialSBCMGR Chennai Central 2:55 PMWedVande Bharat Special
20608Mysuru - MGR Chennai Central Vande Bharat ExpressSBCMGR Chennai Central2:55 PMDailyT18
20651KSR Bengaluru - Talguppa InterCity ExpressSBCTalguppa 3:00 PMDailySuper Fast
12640Brindavan ExpressSBCMGR Chennai Central3:10 PMDailySuper Fast
12614Wodeyar SF ExpressSBCMysuru Jn3:15 PMDailySuper Fast
1774KSR Bengaluru - Marikuppam MEMU SpecialSBCMarikuppam 3:20 PMDailyMEMU
7346Tumakuru - Chamarajanagar Passenger Special (UnReserved)SBCChamarajanagar 3:35 PMDailyPass
11014Coimbatore - Mumbai LTT Express (PT)SBCLokmanya Tilak Terminus4:00 PMDailyExpress
12008Mysuru - MGR Chennai Central Shatabdi ExpressSBCMGR Chennai Central4:20 PMDailyShatabdi
17307Basava ExpressSBCBagalkot Jn 4:40 PMDailyExpress
6525KSR Bengaluru - Mysuru MEMU Express SpecialSBCMysuru Jn4:45 PMDailyMEMU
16315Mysuru - Kochuveli Express (PT)SBCKochuveli 4:50 PMDailyMail/Express
16532KSR Bengaluru - Ajmer Garib Nawaz Express (PT)SBCAjmer Jn 5:00 PMFridayMail/Express
16534KSR Bengaluru - Jodhpur Express (Via Guntakal) (PT)SBCJodhpur 5:00 PMSundayMail/Express
12577Bagmati Superfast ExpressSBCMysuru Jn5:15 PMThursdaySuper Fast
12089KSR Bengaluru - Shivamogga Town Janshatabdi ExpressSBCShivamogga Town 5:15 PMDailyJan Shatabdi
16520KSR Bengaluru - Jolarpettai MEMU ExpressSBCJolarpettai Jn 5:30 PMDailyMEMU
17325Vishwamanava ExpressSBCMysuru Jn5:45 PMDailyMail/Express
6265KSR Bengaluru - Hindupur MEMU SpecialSBCHindupur 5:45 PMDailyMEMU
16549KSR Bengaluru - Kolar DEMU ExpressSBCKolar 6:10 PMMon-SATDEMU
6263KSR Bengaluru - Marikuppam MEMU SpecialSBCMarikuppam 6:10 PMDailyMEMU
16216Chamundi ExpressSBCMysuru Jn6:15 PMDailyMail/Express
12786Mysuru - Kacheguda SF Express (PT)SBCKacheguda 6:20 PMDailySuper Fast
16535Gol Gumbaz ExpressSBCSolapur 6:20 PMDailyMail/Express
6277KSR Bengaluru - Dharmapuri MEMU SpecialSBCDharmapuri 6:30 PMDailyMEMU
22688Varanasi - Mysuru SF ExpressSBCMysuru Jn6:35 PMMon-SATSuper Fast
6273KSR Bengaluru - Arsikere Passenger Special (UnReserved)SBCArsikere Jn 6:40 PMDailyPass
16595Panchaganga SF ExpressSBCKarwar 6:50 PMDailySuper Fast
16232Mysuru - Mayiladuturai Express (PT)SBCMayiladuturai Jn 7:00 PMDailyMail/Express
6255KSR Bengaluru - Mysuru MEMU SpecialSBCMysuru Jn7:00 PMDailyMEMU
12627Karnataka Express (PT)SBCNew Delhi 7:20 PMDailySuper Fast
16522KSR Bengaluru - Bangarapet MEMU ExpressSBCBangarapet Jn 7:35 PMDailyMEMU
12609MGR Chennai Central - Mysuru SF ExpressSBCMysuru Jn8:00 PMDailySuper Fast
22691K.S.R. Bengaluru - Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani ExpressSBCHazrat Nizamuddin 8:00 PMDailyRajdhani
16526KSR Bengaluru - Kanniyakumari Express (PT)SBCKanniyakumari 8:10 PMDailyMail/Express
1771KSR Bengaluru - Marikuppam MEMU SpecialSBCMarikuppam 8:20 PMDailyMEMU
16219Chamarajanagar - Tirupati ExpressSBCTirupati 8:30 PMDailyMail/Express
11302Udyan Express (PT)SBCCSMT/Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus8:40 PMDailyMail/Express
16585SMVT Bengaluru - Mangaluru Central ExpressSBCMangaluru Central9:00 PMDailyMail/Express
20653KSR Bengaluru - Belagavi SF ExpressSBCBelagavi 9:00 PMDailySuper Fast
16236Mysuru - Tuticorin Express (PT)SBCTuticorin 9:15 PMDailyMail/Express
16511K.S.R. Bengaluru - Kannur ExpressSBCKannur 9:35 PMDailyMail/Express
11013Mumbai LTT - Coimbatore Express (PT)SBCCoimbatore Jn 9:50 PMDailyMail/Express
16592Hampi ExpressSBCSSS Hubballi Jn 9:50 PMDailyMail/Express
16506KSR Bengaluru - Gandhidham Express (PT)SBCGandhidham Jn 10:20 PMSaturdayMail/Express
16508KSR Bengaluru - Jodhpur Express (via Davangere) (PT)SBCJodhpur 10:20 PMMon-WedMail/Express
16210Mysuru - Ajmer Express (PT)SBCAjmer Jn 10:20 PMTue-ThuMail/Express
12658KSR Bengaluru - MGR Chennai Central Mail (PT)SBCMGR Chennai Central10:40 PMDailySuper Fast
12692Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam - MGR Chennai Central SF ExpressSBCMGR Chennai Central11:00 PMSaturdaySuper Fast
16589Rani Chennamma Express (PT)SBCMiraj Jn 11:00 PMDailyMail/Express
22681Mysuru - MGR Chennai Central Weekly SF ExpressSBCMGR Chennai Central11:00 PMWedSuper Fast
16227Mysuru - Talguppa Express (Via Bengaluru)SBCTalguppa 11:15 PMDailyMail/Express
22136Renigunta - Mysuru SF ExpressSBCMysuru Jn 11:15 PMSaturdaySuper Fast
16593KSR Bengaluru - Hazur Sahib Nanded ExpressSBCHazur Sahib Nanded 11:20 PMDailyMail/Express
16209Ajmer - Mysuru Express (PT)SBCMysuru Jn 11:50 PMMon-SATMail/Express
16022Kaveri Express (PT)SBCMGR Chennai Central11:50 PMDailyMail/Express
7340KSR Bengaluru - SSS Hubballi Special Fare SpecialSBCSSS Hubballi Jn 11:55 PMDailySuper Fast

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FAQs – KSR Bengaluru City Junction Bangalore

✅ What is KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

KSR Bengaluru City Junction, also known as Bangalore City Railway Station, is a major transportation hub in Bangalore, India. It serves as a central railway junction connecting various parts of the country.

✅ How can I reach KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

You can reach KSR Bengaluru City Junction by train, as it is well-connected to major cities across India. Additionally, the station is also accessible by road, and there are taxi services and public transportation options available.

✅ What are the amenities available at KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

KSR Bengaluru City Junction offers a range of amenities for passengers, including waiting rooms, restrooms, food outlets, and luggage storage facilities. These amenities ensure a comfortable and convenient experience for travelers.

✅ Are there any nearby attractions to visit near KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

Yes, there are several attractions located near KSR Bengaluru City Junction. Some popular ones include Bangalore Palace, Cubbon Park, Vidhana Soudha, and Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. These attractions are a short distance away and can be easily accessed from the station.

✅ Can I find shopping and dining options at KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

Yes, there are shopping and dining options available both within and around KSR Bengaluru City Junction. You can find a variety of stores, kiosks, and eateries offering local and regional delicacies, making it convenient for travelers to grab a meal or shop for essentials.

✅ Is KSR Bengaluru City Junction close to business districts and commercial centers?

Yes, KSR Bengaluru City Junction is located in proximity to Bangalore’s prominent business districts and commercial centers. This makes it a convenient choice for business travelers, as they can easily access their destinations using public transportation or taxi services.

✅ Is there any integration with the metro network at KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

Yes, KSR Bengaluru City Junction is integrated with the Namma Metro network. This integration provides seamless connectivity between the railway station and different parts of Bangalore through the metro system, offering an additional transportation option for commuters.

✅ How can I plan my journey from KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

To plan your journey from KSR Bengaluru City Junction, you can check the train schedules, ticket availability, and platform information on the official Indian Railways website or through various mobile apps. Additionally, there are information counters at the station to assist passengers with their travel plans.

✅ Are there accommodation options near KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

Yes, there are numerous hotels and guesthouses available near KSR Bengaluru City Junction, catering to various budgets and preferences. These accommodations provide convenient access to the railway station and are suitable for both short stays and longer visits.

✅ Is KSR Bengaluru City Junction a safe place for travelers?

KSR Bengaluru City Junction is generally a safe place for travelers. However, it is advisable to take standard precautions such as keeping an eye on your belongings, avoiding engaging with strangers, and being aware of your surroundings, especially during peak hours or late at night.

✅ Can I book tickets for trains departing from KSR Bengaluru City Junction online?

Yes, you can book train tickets departing from KSR Bengaluru City Junction online through the official Indian Railways website or various other authorized online ticketing platforms. Online booking offers convenience and allows you to check availability and choose your preferred travel class.

✅ Is there a cloakroom facility at KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

Yes, there is a cloakroom facility available at KSR Bengaluru City Junction where you can securely store your luggage for a specified period. This service is useful for passengers who want to explore the city without carrying their bags.

✅ Are there foreign exchange services available at KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

Yes, there are foreign exchange services available at KSR Bengaluru City Junction. You can find authorized currency exchange counters or kiosks within the station premises to facilitate currency conversion.

✅ What are the operating hours of KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

KSR Bengaluru City Junction operates 24 hours a day. Trains arrive and depart at various times throughout the day and night, ensuring continuous connectivity for passengers.

✅ Can I find ATMs and banking facilities at KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

Yes, there are ATMs and banking facilities available at KSR Bengaluru City Junction. Multiple banks have branches or ATMs within the station premises, providing convenient access to financial services.

✅ Is there a Wi-Fi facility at KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

Some parts of KSR Bengaluru City Junction may have Wi-Fi connectivity. However, the availability and quality of Wi-Fi service may vary, so it’s recommended to have alternative means of accessing the internet if required.

✅ Are there car rental services available near KSR Bengaluru City Junction?

Yes, you can find car rental services near KSR Bengaluru City Junction. Several car rental companies have offices or service points in the vicinity, offering options for self-drive or chauffeur-driven vehicles.

✅ Are there food and beverage options available for passengers with dietary restrictions?

Yes, KSR Bengaluru City Junction offers food and beverage options suitable for passengers with dietary restrictions. You can find vegetarian, vegan, and other special dietary requirement-friendly choices at various eateries and food outlets within the station premises.

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