Public Fridge at Railway Stations

Public Fridge by Railway
Public Fridge at Railway Stations

Indian Railway has installed a Public Fridge at Hubballi railway station in Karnataka in order to prevent wastage of food and feed the needy. Further details of Public Fridge at Railway Stations are following.

Public Fridge at Railway Stations

Hubballi Division of South Western Railway has provided a refrigerator called as ‘Public Fridge’ in front of Hubballi Railway station. It was inaugurated by Smt. Sujata Singh, President of SWRWWO presence of other officers of SWR.

The main intention behind this is,

“The public may put their surplus food items in this fridge, so that people who are in need could utilise the food kept in it. Instead throwing of surplus food items to dust bin which results in wastage of food, it can be given to someone who is in need of food”.


  • The fridge is six-foot-tall with four racks in which two racks are for cooked meal and the other two are for fruits and vegetables. The top half portion of the fridge is earmarked to keep ready to eat food items and bottom half portion for fruits, salads, vegetables.
  • The Donor should keep o­nly surplus food items in the fridge and not stale food items.
  • The the cost of the fridge is Rs 80,000.
  • A notice has also been put up on the fridge requesting passengers not to keep non-vegetarian items and eatables which are likely to become stale.
  • The food plaza at Hubballi railway station has also been requested to supply food items for the fridge as and when surplus amount is available.

Agreement for Food Donor and Food Taker

Outside the Fridge there is an agreement for both Food Donor and Food Taker, that is

Agreement for Food Donor

Food Donor must Read and Agree to this before placing the food in the Fridge.

  • Place food safety on the shelf. Ready to eat foods in the top half and fruit, salad and veg in the bottom half.
  • Only donate the food before expiry or use by date.
  • I donate food because it is surplus or otherwise not because it is of bad quality
  • Alternatively put a sticker on the package having “use-by- date”
  • Not donate meat, fish or opened milk.

Agreement for Food Taker

Food Taker must Read and Agree to this before taking the food from the Fridge

  • Make my own judgement as to whether or not the food is safe to eat for me by checking that packaged food is good/either the “use-by-date” or expiry date printed on the label or the hand – written label
  • Never use food that has passed the use by date or expiry date, even if it smells and looks good.
  • Not consume food from the fridge If I have any food allegories or mood intolerance.
  • Wash all unpackaged food before consuming. Not take meat, fish (Such food goes stale much quicker and ideally should not be donated)
  • Use my senses. Smelling and looking at the food before eating it, if doubt don’t eat it.


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