Mumbai Rain : Train Block : Updates

Mumbai Rain : Train Updates
Mumbai Rain : Train Updates

Mumbai Rain: Train Block

Today, Mumbai had very heavy rain in some areas all day. The rain was so heavy that it flooded many parts of Mumbai, causing problems for people. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) says that many districts in Maharashtra, like Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Palghar, Raigad, and more, are on a ‘yellow’ alert. The IMD explains that the monsoon is very active, which is causing lots of rain in Mumbai and other areas.

The rain made it difficult to travel on trains and roads because there was a lot of water on them. You can find updates on the train situation during the Mumbai rain below.

Mumbai Rain Train Updates

HelpLine Numbers

There are Helpline Numbers available to help passengers with train information.

Station NameStation CodeAuto NumberMobile Number

Train Services Details Updates

Ratlam Division

The railway has said that heavy rains in Ratlam division of Western Railway have caused problems. The UP line track in the Amargarh-PanchPiplia section of Ratlam division has been suspended. This is because the track has settled and there are issues with its parameters.

Train Cancellations

  • Train No.22943 Daund – Indore JCO 18.09.2023
  • Train No.22944 Indore – Daund JCO 17.09.2023

Train Diversions

  • Train No.12284 Nizamuddin-Ernakulam Express JCO 16.09.2023 via Bhopal-Itarasi-Khandwa- Jalgaon-Kalyan-Panvel Route
  • Train No.22194 Gwalior-daund Express JCO 16.09.2023- via Bhopal-Itarasi- Khandwa-Manmad
  • Train No.22653 Trivendrum-Nizamuddin Express JCO 15.09.2023 Via Nandurbar-Bhusawal-Khandwa -Itarasi-Bhopal-Gwalior- Agra-Palwal
  • Train No.12493 Miraj-Nizamuddin Express JCO 17.09.2023 via Kalyan-Bhusawal-Itarasi- Khandwa-Bhopal-Bina- Gwalior-Agra
  • Train No.22943 Daund indore Express JCO 17.09.2023 via Kalyan-Khandwa-Itarasi- Bhopal
  • Train No.12939 Pune jaipur Express JCO 17.09.2023 via Vadodara-Ahmedabad- Ajmer-Jaipur
  • Train No.22193 Daund gwalior Express JCO 17.09.2023 via Panvel-Kalyan- Khandwa- Itarasi-Bhopal- Bina- Gwalior

Vadodara Division

The railway said that because of heavy rains, the water level at Bridge No. 502 in the Bharuch – Ankleshwar section of Vadodara division, Western Railway, has gone above the danger level. As a result, there will be some changes in how trains are running.

Trains Cancelled on 18.09.2023

  • Train No. 22953 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Jn
  • Train No. 20901 Mumbai Central-Gandhinagar Capital Vande Bharat Express
  • Train No. 20902 Gandhinagar Capital-Mumbai Central
  • Train No. 012009 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Jn
  • Train No. 12010 Ahmedabad Jn-Mumbai Central
  • Train No. 19015 Dadar -Porbandar
  • Train No. 12934 Ahmedabad Jn-Mumbai Central
  • Train No. 12932 Ahmedabad Jn-Mumbai Central
  • Train No. 82902 Ahmedabad Jn-Mumbai Central
  • Train No. 22954 Ahmedabad Jn-Mumbai Central
  • Train No. 12933 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Jn
  • Train No. 12931 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Jn
  • Train No. 82901 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Jn
  • Train No. 12471 Bandra Terminus – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra
  • Train No. 12925 Bandra Terminus – Amritsar Jn
  • Train No.22963 Bandra (T) – Bhavnagar Express
  • Train No.19019 Bandra (T) – Haridwar Express
  • Train No.19217 Bandra (T) -Veraval Express
  • Train No.20960 Vadnagar – Valsad Intercity
  • Train Nos.19036/19035 Ahmedabad – Vadodara Intercity
  • Train No.22929 Dahanu Road – Vadodara Superfast Express
  • Train No.09155 Surat – Vadodara MEMU Special
  • Train No.09387 Anand – Dakor MEMU
  • Train No.09388 Dakor – Anand MEMU
  • Train No.09300 Anand – Bharuch MEMU Special
  • Train No.09158 Bharuch – Surat MEMU Special
  • Train No.09350 Dahod – Anand MEMU

Train Cancelled on 17.09.2023

  • Train No.12928 Ekta Nagar – Dadar

Train Diversions

  • Train No. 12939 Pune-Jaipur Express JCO 17.09.2023 diverted via Jalgaon-Bhusawal- Itarasi-Bhopal Route.
  • Train No.22413 Madgaon-Nizamuddin Express JCO 17.09.2023 diverted via Udhna-Jalgaon- Itarasi-Khandwa- Gwalior route.

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