Platform Tickets by Indian Railway

Indian Railway Platform Ticket Services: A Guide to Booking and Usage

Indian Railway is issuing platform tickets for entering the Railway station platforms, but on some occasions, the railway is changing the rates and rules related to the issue of platform tickets. Here we are including the details of Platform Tickets by Indian Railway.

The validity of a Platform Ticket is 2 Hours only

Railway Platform tickets: To gain entry to station platforms for the purpose of receiving or seeing off friends and relatives, individuals who are not bona fide passengers should purchase platform tickets upon paying the prescribed charges.

Platform Tickets via Online

Passengers can book platform tickets online; details are attached. Platform tickets can be booked through UTS app by CRIS available in Google play store.

Steps to Book Platform Tickets via Online

  • Step 1: Download the App from play store
  • Step 2: Set up profile like name, Mobile No. etc.
  • Step 3: Recharge the wallet.
  • Step 4: Login to the app, Turn on location in your mobile. In the app, choose ‘Book platform ticket.’ You can opt for either the paperless or printout option (not all stations support the paperless option).
  • Step 5: Enter the number of passengers and pay from the wallet.

Details attached :- UTS Mobile Ticketing App

Railway platform ticket via ATVMs : UPI-QR code based payment feature in ATVMs

Use Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) extensively for ease of ticketing. The new UPI-QR code payment feature in ATVMs facilitates payment for ticket fare. Unreserved and platform tickets can be purchased within minutes through ATVMs, and season tickets can be renewed.

Now passengers can purchase platform tickets at the major railway stations without stepping into the booking office anymore. It plans to facilitate booking using QR code at kiosks as part of its modernization efforts, which also has the added advantage of avoiding personal interface in Covid 19 time.

A big move in the offing is that platform tickets can be booked through these kiosks which will have a QR code displayed on them. “One just needs to bring along a mobile, scan the code and collect the ticket from the slit below. There will be no human interface.

Platform Tickets

  • A platform ticket in India costs ₹ 10/ ( Railway platform ticket price 2024 )
  • One platform ticket for one person only.
  • The validity of a platform ticket for 2 hours only.
  • A person having a railway ticket for a train on the same day is not required to have a platform ticket.
  • The platform ticket can be bought at any ticket reservation booth in the railway station.
  • If caught without a platform ticket if the person is not a traveler, he/she may be fined anywhere from ₹ 250 to 270.
  • The platform ticket charge varies from station to station and is displayed at each station
Platform Ticket Rate announcement and its validity detail
Platform Ticket Rate

FAQ: Indian Rail Platform Tickets

Can I book railway platform ticket online?

Yes, you can book Platform ticket online using official mobile app. Step by step instructions to book the ticket mentioned on Platform Tickets via Online section of this post.

How to book railway platform ticket online?

Follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the ‘Platform Tickets via Online’ section of this post to book your ticket

How to buy railway platform ticket online ?

Refer to the instructions outlined in the “Online Booking for Platform Tickets” section of this post for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to book your ticket.

Can we get railway platform ticket online?

Yes , you can purchase platform ticket online. Detailed step by step instruction to buy ticket details available here.

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