UDAY Express Details

UDAY Express
UDAY Express

UDAY or Utkrisht Double Decker Air-Conditioned Yatri Express luxury train is a Double-decker train specially designed to tailor the demands of business class. UDAY Express train is with 40% additional passenger capacity. They will run overnight on busy routes.

UDAY Express

All new Utkrisht Double Decker Air-Conditioned Yatri will provide passengers with amenities like Wi-Fi, LCD Screens and a dedicated area to enjoy meals. Expected to have an LED screen display to show information about stations, train speed etc. and has an announcement system as well.

Expected to have Vending machines for tea, coffee and milk. Charging ports for charging electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops, Bio toilets in compartments in UDAY Express.

The exterior of coaches has a futuristic look will have anti-graffiti Vinyl sheets. The double-decker train has been given a bright colour scheme of yellow, orange and pink. Safety measures in compartments such as the introduction of smoke alarms and CCTV cameras.

Expected to have a heating chamber as well as a refrigerating box in each coach to preserve the food that was brought from home. Each and every couple and side berth has curtains to maintain privacy.


UDAY Train will operate on these routes – Coimbatore-Bengaluru and Visakhapatnam-Guntur.

Coimbatore – Bengaluru

The first Uday Express is likely to be operational on the Coimbatore-Bangalore route. The train will depart at 5:45 am from Coimbatore and reach Bengaluru at 12:40 pm. For the return journey, the Bengaluru-Coimbatore Uday Express will depart at 2:15 pm from Bengaluru and reach Coimbatore at 9:00 pm.

Visakhapatnam – Guntur

The train will depart Visakhapatnam at 05.20 hrs and will arrive Guntur at 11.45 hrs. For the return journey, the train will depart from Guntur at 16.35 hrs and will arrive Visakhapatnam at 22.55 hrs.


✅ What is the full form of UDAY Express?

Utkrisht Double Decker Air-conditioned Yatri

✅ Which are the Key features of Uday Express?

Double Decker Coaches, Air-conditioned Coaches, Modern Amenities, Catering Services, High Speed and Route.


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