Humsafar Express Train Details

Humsafar Express Trains
Humsafar Express Trains

Indian Railway’s first Humsafar Express Trains services was inaugurated on 16th December 2016. Humsafar Express was full 3-tier AC train with an optional service for meals(Upto Sept 2019). This train is being targeted to middle – class travellers. This is an affordable luxury train service. It help to travel all around India without spending too much money.


The main goal of Humsafar Express train services is to provide people with a high quality solution for rail travel at a reasonable rate. The first Humsafar Express run between Gorakhpur and Anand Vihar.

Main Features

Main Features of Humsafar Express Trains are following.

Benefits of Humsafar Express

  • The train has a very efficient systems to detect fire and smoke as well as control them, which enhance safety to the passengers.
  • The berths of Humsafar Express are now more comfortable than the previous 3-tier AC sleeper with Khadi bedrolls.
  • Humsafar Express features side curtains o­n corridors like AC-2 to maintain privacy.
    The LED screens o­n Humsafar Express display information about stations, train speed and others.
  • There are mobile and laptop charging points next to each column of berths.
    There are odour control systems, GPS-based information systems, toilet occupancy indicators.
  • The toilets have plush interiors, with soap dispensers and heat detection devices.
    Each coach has a small pantry unit which is equipped with a coffee/tea/ soup vending machine, a heating chamber and a refrigerating box.

Existing Features of Humsafar Express Coaches are following.

Existing Features of Humsafar Express Coaches are following.

  • Bio – toilets
  • Charging stations for mobile charging
  • LED Screens to show the details on where the train is, what stations are coming  and other important train related annoucement.
  • Hygenic and Refrigerated Pantry.
  • Aesthetically pleasing colour scheme with anti-graffiti coating and distinctive 3D numbering on the exterior.
  • Pleasing interiors with attractive and colourfully co-ordinated seats, berths, partitions, curtains, improved/hygienic toilets, film type mirrors, etc.
  • Deodorizer, Dustbins, Sleek bottle holders in the cabins
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance of the common areas of the coaches.
  • Integrated Braille displays for the visually impaired.
  • Hygienic lavatories with odour flushing system
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) based Passenger information system
  • Passenger announcement system
  • Fire and Smoke detection system in the coaches.
  • Fire detection and suppression system in the Power cars
  • Equipped with Auto Vending Machine and Mini Pantry with Oven/Fridge. Vending Machines for various drinks
  • Those who bring their own meals on board can enjoy the refrigeration box and heating space on each train car.
  • These trains will feature side curtains on the corridors like 2 AC which were removed from 3-tier AC sleepers.
  • The berths will more comfortable than the previous 3-tier AC sleeper rakes.
  • Each and every coupe and side berth having curtains to maintain privacy.

But Indian Railway is going to upgrade the Humsafar Express with more features and following are the details.  

The Additional Features

The additional features of Humsafar new rake offers:

  • Single Piece Side Lower Berth (previously 2 piece)
  • Mobile Charging point for each berth (previously 3 chargers for 8 passengers) including USB charging points.
  • Reading light for each berth (previously only the lower berths had reading lights)
  • Convenient upper berth climbing arrangement
  • Urinal in 2 toilets per coach
  • Baby Nappy Changing Pad in 2 toilets per coach
  • Display Monitor Screen for the CCTV installed in the coach.
  • Dustbins in each bay inside the coach.

List of Humsafar Express Trains

Following is the list of Humsafar Trains running over Indian Railways.

Train No.Days of ServicesDestinations-Train No.Days of ServicesDestinations
22317MondaySealdah - Jammu Tawi-22318WednesdayJammu Tawi - Sealdah
22833WednesdayBhubaneswar - SMVT Bengaluru-22834ThursdayaSMVT Bengaluru - Bhubaneswar
12571Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, SaturdayGorakhpur - Anand Vihar Terminus-12572M, Th, Sa, SundayAnand Vihar Terminus - Gorakhpur
12595Monday, Tuesday, ThursdayGorakhpur - Anand Vihar Terminus-12596Tu, W, FAnand Vihar Terminus - Gorakhpur
20889SaturdayHowrah - Tirupati-20890SundayTirupati - Howrah
22887TuesdayHowarh- SMVT Bengaluru-22888ThursdaySMVT Bengaluru - Howarh
22867Tuesday, FridayDurg - Nizamuddin-22868W, SaNizamuddin - Durg
22920MondayAhmedabad - MGR Chennai-22919WednesdayMGR Chennai - Ahmedabad
22705TuesdayTirupati - Jammu Tawi-22706FridayJammu Tawi - Tirupati
22913SundayBandra T - Saharsa-22914TuesdaySaharsa - Bandra T
22497TuesdaySriganganagar - Tiruchchirapalli-22498FridayTiruchchirapalli - Sriganganagar
12504Tuesday, SaturdayAgartala - Bengaluru Cantt-12503F, TuBengaluru Cantt - Agartala
20821MondayPune - Santragachi-20822SaturdaySantragachi - Pune
20481 WednesdayBhagat Ki Kothi - Tiruchchirapalli-20482SaturdayTiruchchirapalli - Bhagat Ki Kothi
20827ThursdayJabalpur - Santragachi-20828WednesdaySantragachi - Jabalpur
12275Tu, Th, F, SuPrayagraj - New Delhi-12276W, F, Sa, MNew Delhi - Prayagraj
22437M, W, SatPrayagraj - Anand Vihar-22438Tu, Thu, SuAnand Vihar - Prayagraj
20915SundayLingampalli - Indore-20916SaturdayIndore - Lingampalli
20917TuIndore - Puri-20918WednesdayPuri - Indore
Champaran Humsafar Express 15705Mon, ThKatihar - Delhi-Champaran Humsafar Express 15706Tue, FriDelhi - Katihar
19667MUdaipur - Mysuru-19668ThursdayMysuru - Udaipur
Raiasthan Humsafar Express 22985SatUdaipur - Delhi Sarai Rohilla -Raiasthan Humsafar Express 22986SundayDelhi Sarai Rohilla - Udaipur
20923ThTirunelveli - Gandhidham-20924MondayGandhidham -Tirunelveli
20943ThBandra T - Bhagat Ki Kothi-20944FridayBhagat Ki Kothi -Bandra Terminus
22141ThPune - Nagpur-22142FridayNagpur - Pune
12235FridayMadhupru - Anand Vihar Terminus-12236ThursdayAnand Vihar Terminus - Madhupur
12751FridayH.S Nanded - Jammu Tawi-12752SundayJammu Tawi - H.S.Nanded
16319Th, SaKochuveli - SMVT Bengaluru-16320Su, FrSMVT Bengaluru - Kochuveli
19669WednesdayUdaipur - Patliputra-19670FridayPatliputra - Udaipur
22139SaturdayPune - Ajni-22140SundayAjni - Pune
22169WednesdayRani Kamalapati - Santragachi-22170ThursdaySantragachi - Rani Kamalapati
22171SundayPune - Rani Kamalapati -22172SaturdayRani Kamalapati - Pune
22353ThursdayPatna - SMVT Bengaluru-22354SundaySMVT Bengaluru - Patna
22923M, W, SatBandra Terminus - Jamnagar-22924Tu, Thu, SuJamnagar - Bandra Terminus
12349 MondayGodda - New Delhi-12350 TuesdayNew Delhi - Godda
22459 TuesdayMadhupur - Anand Vihar Terminus-22460 MondayAnand Vihar Terminus - Madhupur
19091 MondayBandra Terminus - Gorakhpur -19092TuesdayGorakhpur - Bandra Terminus
12997WednesdayBandra Terminus - Barmer-12998ThursdayBarmer – Bandra Terminus
19009FridayBandra Terminus - Barmer-19010SaturdayBarmer – Bandra Terminus
20973SaturdayFirozpur - Rameshwaram-20974TuesdayRameshwaram - Firozpur

For getting more details about Humsafar New Trains , please go through New Train Details 2024


What is the meaning of the word “Humsafar”?

The meaning of the word Humsafar is companion or the person who is traveling with you.

What is Humsafar Express in Indian Railway?

The “Humsafar Express” is a series of long-distance, fully air-conditioned trains in India that are operated by Indian Railways. These trains are designed to provide enhanced passenger comfort and amenities compared to regular trains.

Humsafar Express Trains in India ~ Demo

Please find the following you-tube video with Indian Railway official explained the Humsafar Express latest features one by one for the passengers convinence.


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