Diva – Panvel – Roha Mumbai Local Train Time Table

Diva – Panvel – Roha Latest Train Time

Latest Diva – Panvel – Roha latest train time details as follows.

Last Updated: 26-06-2023

08:45 AM09:24 AM11:05 AM
05:50 PM06:33 PM08:07 AM
06:45 PM07:22 PM09:20 PM
08:00 PM08:41 PM10:30 PM
Diva – Panvel – Roha new Train Time Table

Diva – Ratnagri : Change in Timings w.e.f 15.03.2023

Train No.50103 Diva – Ratnagri Passenger with effect from 15.3.2023. The new timings will be as follows:

  • Train No.50103 will leave Diva Jn at 17.50 hrs instead of 15.20 hrs and arrive Roha at 20.07 hrs instead of 17.25 hrs same day

New Timings at stations enroute will be as below ;

Panvel – 18.30 hrs, Apta-18.55 hrs, Jite – 19.08 hrs, Pen – 19.19 hrs, Kasu – 19.30 hrs and Nagothane – 19.43 hrs.

Diva – Pen – Diva Latest Train Time

Extension of Diva-Pen-Diva MEMU passenger services upto/from Roha

Central Railway announced that will extend the run of 01351/01352 Diva-Pen-Diva MEMU passenger train upto/from Roha with effect from 22.11.2022 till further advice as per details given below:

  • Train No.01351 MEMU will leave Diva Jn at 18.45 hrs and arrive Roha at 21.20 hrs same day
  • Train No.01352 MEMU will leave Roha at 06.40 hrs and arrive Diva Jn at 09.10 hrs same day

Halts between Pen and Roah Kasu, Nagothane and Nidi

Stoppages of Roha – Panvel –  Diva Train

Roha, Nidi , Nagothane, Kasu , Pen, Hamrapur, Jite, Apta, Rasayani , Somtane, Panvel, Kalamboli, Navade Road, Taloja Panchannad, Nilje, Dativali and Diva Jn.   Diva to Panvel Alternative Route In alternatively you can use following roues

  • Diva Jn to Kurla to Panvel
  • Diva Jn to Thane to Nerul to Panvel
  • Diva Jn to Thane to Panvel

In the same way you can use Panvel to Diva in the reverse manner.