Ladies Special Trains Timing : Mumbai Local

Ladies Special Suburban Trains : Mumbai

Western Railways introduced world’s first ever Ladies Special local train on 5th May, 1992 and India’s first ever Air-Conditioned EMU train on 25th December, 2017 on Mumbai Suburban section.

Details and timing of Ladies Special suburban trains in Mumbai region are following.


On Friday 05.05.2017 Western Railway completed 25 years of services of Ladies Special Trains. Ladies Special trains in Mumbai are a great help to the daily traveling ladies so that they can reach the station at a stipulated time and are assured of a comfortable journey. In total it is a blessing for the ladies.

Following are the details of the Ladies Special Services by Central Railway and Western Railway at Central Line, Western Line and Harbour Line in Mumbai.

Details about AC Local Trains in Mumbai WESTERN LINE

Updated: 01 – 05 – 2024

Sr noTrainDepartureArrival
1Churchgate-Borivali (12 car)17.39 hrs.18.48 hrs
2Churchgate-Borivali (12 car)18.00 hrs.19.06 hrs
3Churchgate-Virar (12 car)18.13 hrs.19.56 hrs.
4Churchgate-Virar  (12 car)18.51 hrs.20.39 hrs.
5Churchgate-Virar  (12 car)19.40 hrs.21.06 hrs.
6Virar-Churchgate (12 car)07.35 hrs.09.15 hrs.
7Virar-Churchgate (12 car)08.50 hrs.10:36 hrs
8Borivali-Churchgate (12 car)07.40 hrs.08.47 hrs.
9Borivali-Churchgate (12 car)08.11 hrs.9:15 hrs
10Virar-Churchgate (12 car)7:35 hrs9:15 hrs
11Virar-Churchgate (12 car)08.50 hrs.10.36 hrs.
12Virar-Churchgate (12 car)9:47 AM11:09 AM
13Bhayander-Churchgate (12 car)7:57 AM9:15 AM
14Bhayander-Churchgate (12 car)09.06 hrs.10.30 hrs.
15Virar-Churchgate (12 car)09.47 hrs.11.07 hrs.
16Vasai Road-Churchgate (12 car)7:46 AM9:15 AM
17Vasai Road-Churchgate (12 car)10.02 hrs.11.33 hrs.
  • Facilities to Ladies :- Separate counter, exclusively for ladies is available at certain stations of suburban section for ticketing purpose.
  • Timing of Manning of Ladies Coach :- GRP Personnel/Home Guards are deputed in Ladies Coach from sunset to sunrise.


Western Railway announced (12.10.2022) that WR has provided an extra ladies’ compartment in all non-AC local trains. The 11th coach in 12-car suburban trains & the 14th coach in 15-car suburban trains has been modified for the additional ladies’ compartment.


Indian Railways, on the auspicious occasion of 69th Foundation Day of Western Railway on 5th November, 2019, introduced the state-of-the-art “UTTAM RAKE” in its inaugural run as Ladies Special local train from Churchgate to Virar, Railway announced through a press release. Uttam rake has improved interiors and advanced features to bring more comfort for Mumbaikars.

Salient Features of Uttam rake:

  • Provision of CCTV Surveillance System in all coaches.
  • Anti-dent partitions in coaches to prevent thefts.
  • Modular Luggage rack.
  • High backrest seats in First Class coaches.
  • Provision of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) seats in Second Class coaches with wooden finishing for better aesthetics.
  • Improved Dual Lock Stopper with dual slot handles windows in all coaches.
  • Wider and improved grab handles for better grip.
  • Latest Brushless DC (BLDC) fans in all coaches which consumes 30% less energy than conventional fans.
  • Provision of modular type diffused LED lights.
  • Electrically operated Passenger Alarm System in place of traditional emergency chains.
  • Smooth finished corrugated FRP ceiling and Wooden finished Roof Ventilation Duct Area to enhance the aesthetic appeal of coach interior.
  • Provision of camouflaged aluminium moulded strips on floor to discourage theft.
  • Stainless steel protective plate near all passenger seats to avoid colour fading due to footwear friction.
  • Red Emergency Buttons
  • The new rake will run on its normal services from 6th November, 2019 with 10 services a day. The Uttam rake while saving energy, will feature posters about Western Railway’s journey as an effective transport medium, various landmarks of Mumbai, inspirational quotes and posters of iconic women achievers to make the journey more enriching and delightful.


Western Railway announced that Railway decided to introduced two special suburban services for ladies from 25.12.2018. Following are the details.

At present, Western Railway operates 8 Ladies Special services in a day, divided equally during the morning and evening peak hours between the UP and DOWN lines, with the new ladies special. 10 services will be operated 6 in UP and 4 in DN direction. Both the new services will be slow trains, one will be departing Bhayander at 09.06 hrs to reach Churchgate at 10.30 hrs and the other ladies special will be departing Vasai Road at 10.04 hrs to reach Churchgate at 11.30 hrs. Consequent to the introduction of 2 new special services for ladies, the revised details of all 10 ladies special services on Western Railway will be as under:-

Details of new two special suburban services for ladies.
Virar - Churchgate7.359.15Churchgate - Borivali17.3918.48
Borivali - Churchgate7.48.47Churchgate - Virar18.1319.57
Virar - Churchgate8.5610.49Churchgate - Virar18.5120.39
Bhayandar - Churchgate9.0610.3Churchgate - Virar19.421.06
Virar - Churchgate9.4711.07
Vasai Road - Churchgate10.0411.3

With the introduction of additional services, Ladies special departing Virar at 08.44 hrs will be postponed by 12 minutes and will now depart at its revised timing of 08.56 hrs and there will be minor changes in few suburban services.

In addition to this, two services will also be run from Churchgate, one will be a fast train departing Churchgate at 11.33 hrs to reach Nallasopara at 12.48 hrs. The other additional service will be a slow departing Churchgate at 23.09 hrs to reach Bhayandar at 00.28 hrs, while suburban services between Bandra and Churchgate will be cancelled as under.:-

  • From – Churchgate (Departing) 10.20 hrs : To – Bandra (Arrival) 10.50 hrs
  • From – Bandra (Departing) 10.59 hrs : To – Churchgate (Arrival) 11.30 hrs.

Therefore the total number of regular suburban services will remain 1365, since 2 new services for ladies are scheduled to run as special services.


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