Nerul/Belapur – Uran Railway Corridor

Nerul:Belapur - Uran Railway Project
Nerul:Belapur - Uran Railway Project

Nerul/Belapur – Uran Railway Corridor

A new suburban corridor on the Central Railway was inaugurated on Sunday i.e 11.11.2018 by Indian Railway linking Nerul and Belapur in Navi Mumbai with Kharpokar in Ulwe. Ulwe is a node of Navi Mumbai located at the edge of Panvel city and developed and maintained by CIDCO. The newly-developed city falls in Raigad district. Nerul/Belapur – Uran Railway Corridor details.

Central Railway Launches Open Web Girders for Nerul/Belapur-Uran Project 

Central Railway announced on 23.08.2021 that Despite the Covid-19 challenges, Central Railway has launched two 61-meter open web girders for Nerul/Belapur – Uran Project between Jasai & JNPT. It is a step towards connecting Uran with Mumbai Suburban Network. These 61-meter open web girders were fabricated at Central Railway Engineering Workshop, Manmad, transported and assembled at the launching site. Each girder weight is 232 MT (220 MT girder + 12MT lifting beam, holding bracket etc.)

The launching of girders is a complex job considering the line crossing with Panvel-Jasai-JNPT line which handles heavy container traffic and Dedicated Freight Corridor line is also under construction from JNPT to Panvel along the alignment. These girders were launched by 2 Crawler Road Cranes (1st crane= 600MT lifting capacity, 2nd crane = 500MT lifting capacity + 1 additional crane for emergency use of 750MT lifting capacity).

To ensure safe lifting of girders, it was maintained verticality by a specially developed lifting frame. During lifting, rotational movement was monitored by three inclinometers manufactured for this bridge. Inclinometers were used for the first time. Besides, Railway’s own structural testing unit was deployed by the bridge organization of Central Railway to capture the launching stresses in critical members.  Six stain gauge and two accelerometers were used for this and the launching was carried out without overstressing any members.  Down track web girder was successfully launched o­n 3rd July 2021 and Up track web girder was launched o­n 12th Aug 2021 taking 03:00 hrs Traffic and Power block each o­n Jasai-JNPT line. With this launching, the progress of the Phase-II of this line is in advance stage.

Nerul/Belapur – Uran Railway CorridorIntroduction

The first phase of the railway line was flagged off by Railway Minister Piyush Goyal and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. The 12-km stretch, which has been commissioned, is the first phase of the 27km Nerul-Belapur-Uran corridor. The total cost of the project is Rs 1782 crore and phase 2 will be completed by December 2019.

Inaugural suburban services between Nerul/Belapur and Kharkopar stations are being opened for passenger traffic on 11.11.2018 (Sunday) and the regular services will commence from 12.11.2018 (Monday). The new Electrified BG double line suburban corridor starts from Nerul (PF 4/5) to Kharkopar. Other line starts from Belapur (PF 4) and joins o­n Nerul-Kharkopar line at Kile cabin.

This new line will help accelerate the growth of Navi Mumbai, as it will provide direct access between Uran town, Jawaharlal Nehru Port, and the Newly-developed areas of Mumbai. The Ulwe node is located opposite the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport.

On the day of commissioning, a train will run from Kharkopar and cover Baman Dongri, Targhar and Seawoods – Darave to reach Nerul. While travelling from Belapur to Kharkopa, the train will directly head to Targhar and not go via Seawoods – Darave. However, as of now, there will be no halt at Targhar for any train as the station is still under construction.

Regular services will start from Monday with the first run from Kharkopar to Nerul scheduled at 6.50 am the from Belapur at 06.22 am for Kharkopar. While the travel time from Kharkopar station to Nerul station has been pegged at 20 minutes, it will be 18 minutes from Kharkopar station to Belapur station as this stretch has one station less. The one-way travel fare on both stretches has been fixed a Rs. 5/-.

Nerul/Belapur – Uran Railway CorridorTrain Service Details

The node is located around 10 km away from Nerul and Belapur along the Belapur – Uran Highway near the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport. This is the first suburban corridor in the Mumbai Metropolitan region in 13 years and comes after the Trans-Harbour Line, connecting Thane with Navi Mumbai, was thrown open in 2005.

Total 40 services will be run between Kharkopar and Nerul/Belapur stations w.e.f.12.11.2018. 10 pair of services will run between Nerul and Kharkopar stations and 10 pair of services between Belapur and Kharkopar stations.

Regular services on the corridor started from Monday (12.11.2018) and link Ulwe node in Navi Mumbai with CSMT and Panvel on the Harbour route besides Thane on the Trans – Harbour corridor. The new corridor will help residents of Ulwe and nearby areas to get a direct connect to CSMT and Panvel station on the Harbour line. The residents of Ulwe will also get connectivity to Thane as they can now board Trans – Harbour trains. Cidco and Central Railway have 67-33 cost-sharing arrangement for developing the rail network in Navi Mumbai.

The Central Railway will operate 40 services daily from Monday, of which 20 will run between Karkopar and Nerul and the rest between Belapur and Kharkopar stations.

Nerul/Belapur – Uran Railway Corridor : Salient Features

Nerul / Belapur – Uran Railway project was envisaged to accelerate the growth of Navi Mumbai by providing direct access between Uran town, JNPT and newly developed area of Mumbai Metropolitan region as well as Greater Mumbai. The cost of the project is being shared by Railways and CIDCO in the ratio of 33:67 %. The stretch from Nerul to Kharkopar and Belapur to Kile Jn. has been completed.

Total Length: 26.7 Kms
Phase-I from Nerul/ Belapur to Kharkopar: 12.4 km (double line)
Phase-II from Kharkopar to Uran: 14.3 km (double line)
Total Cost of Project: Rs.1,782 Crore

Nerul/Belapur – Uran Railway Corridor : Ticket Fare

The price of a one-way ticket in the new corridor (both from Nerul and Belapur) is Rs.5/-. Presently, 40 trains have been allotted to this corridor.  Bamandongri and Kharkopar stations have two ticket counters and two automatic ticket vending machines.


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