Sanitary Pad Vending Machine : Railway

Sanitary Pad Vending Machine at Railway Stations
Sanitary Pad Vending Machine at Railway Stations

Sanitary Pad Vending Machines: Railway

In order to provide comfort and to ensure easy access to sanitary napkins for women passengers, Indian Railway decided to install Sanitary Pad Vending machines at Railway stations and in trains.

Kerala became India’s first state to install sanitary napkin vending machines, in over 60 places, proving itself to truly be one of India’s more conscious states. But Bhopal Junction railway station is the first station of providing low-cost sanitary napkins to the female commuters.

Sanitary Pad Vending Machine at Railway Station

Details of pad vending machine at Railway Station.

Napkins Vending Machines Installed at 3 Major Railway Station in Chennai Division

Smart vending machine have been installed at Cuttack Railway station.Details are below.

Inauguration of Sanitary Napkin Pad vending machine in Toilet on PF NO. 2 at Virar station.

Sanitary Napkin Pad vending machine at Virar station
Sanitary Napkin Pad vending machine at Virar station

Maharashtra Railway Stations

  • Railway installed Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and incinerator in ladies waiting room at Gondia Station
  • Railway installed Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Incinerator in ladies waiting room at CSMT, Mumbai
  • Railway installed Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine at Badnera railway station (Bhusaval division under Central Railway)
  • Western Railway’s Mumbai Central-New Delhi Rajdhani Express becomes first train on Indian Railways to have a Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine on board.The slim and sleek Vending Machine dispenses the Napkin by putting in a Rs.5 coin.

Bhubaneswar Railway Station

East Coast Railway (ECoR) on Monday (March 5th, 2018)installed an automatic sanitary napkin vending machine at Bhubaneswar railway station, inside the second class ladies waiting hall on platform no-1.

One can get the napkin by inserting a Rs 5 coin. The installation of the machine was done by East Coast Railway Women’s Welfare Organisation (ECoRWWO) at a cost of Rs 16,000.

Delhi Junction and Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Stations

Automatic sanitary napkin vending machines were inaugurated on Wednesday (March 5th, 2018)at Delhi Junction and Hazrat Nizamuddin railway stations, the Railway Ministry said. Buttressing campaigns for better menstrual hygiene and health, the railways recently undertook an initiative of launching eco-friendly and affordable sanitary pads produced at the exclusive production unit Dastak of Railway Womens Welfare Central Organisation, New Delhi, a statement said.

“In keeping with the program of extending accessibility of the sanitary napkins to woman passengers at major stations, the Northern Railway has now installed automatic sanitary napkin vending machines at Delhi Junction and Hazrat Nizamuddin railway stations in the national capital,” it said. Anita Chaube, president, the Northern Railway Womens Welfare Organization (NRWWO) inaugurated the vending machines at the two stations today.
These machines dispense a single pack of six pads costing Rs 22.

Pune Railway Station

The Pune railway division authority has installed an automatic sanitary napkin dispenser at the ladies waiting room at platform number one of Pune railway junction. The machine will deliver a napkin after inserting Rs 5 coin, at any time of the day. The dispenser was installed free of charge by a city-based manufacturer of sanitary napkin vending machines.

Bhopal Railway Station

Bhopal station has become the first railway station in the country to have installed Sanitary Pad Vending Machine the sanitary napkin dispensing machine was installed at platform number 1 of Bhopal railway station by the Railway Women Welfare Association of Bhopal division.

The authorities is also looking at setting up a sanitary napkin incinerator in the women’s waiting room for safe and hygienic disposal of used sanitary napkins.

This vending machines named as Happy Nari Vending machines. It is an attempt to provide sanitary pads to women at an affordable price.

Sanitary Pad Vending Machine : Price Details

  • The price of a sanitary napkin would be Rs. 5
  • Passengers can get them by inserting a Rs. 5 coin in the vending machines.
  • The machines can vend 75 pads at a time.
  • A trained female employee at the station, is in charge of refilling the same.

Sanitary Pad Vending Machine in Trains

The East Coast Railway has installed 91 sanitary napkin vending machines in 36 trains as part of the railways’ drive to improve hygiene on board its trains.

These are important trains, originating from its jurisdiction – Puri, Bhubaneswar and Visakhapatnam.

Thirty-five coaches of 10 trains include Purusottam Express, Puri-Ahmedabad Express, Tapaswini Express, Puri-Durg Express, Utkal Express, Jagannath Express, Neelachal Express, Puri-Chennai Express, Puri-Ajmer Express, Puri-Shirdi Express originating from Puri have been installed with these machines.

Similarly, 28 coaches of 15 trains originating from Bhubaneswar – Hirakhand Express, Rajdhani Express group of trains, Prashanti Express, Dhanbad Garib Rath Express, Bhawanipatna Link Express, Jan Shatabdi Express, Bhubaneswar-Tirupati Express, Bangalore Cant Express, Balangir Inter City, New Delhi Duronto, Krishnarajpuram Humsafar Express, Bangiriposi Express have been provided with this facility.

They have also been provided in 23 coaches of 11 trains originating from Visakhapatnam, including Samata Express, AP Express, Nizamuddin Dakshin Link Express, Korba Express, Visakhapatnam-LTT Express, Hirakund Express, Visakhapatnam-Gandhidham Express, Visakhapatnam-Digha Express, Visakhapatnam-Tata Express, Visakhapatnam-Paradeep Express, Visakhapatnam-Chennai.

Other Facility for women passengers by Railway are  


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