Train Full Forms

Train Full Form List
Train Full Form List

Ever wondered what those letters and abbreviations in the world of railways really mean / Train Full Forms ? Well, get ready for a whistle-stop tour through the language of locomotives! Railways, those giant metal serpents that crisscross our landscapes, have a secret code behind their smooth operation.

Join us on this exploration of railway terms, from the familiar to the obscure. We’re here to decode the alphabet soup and spill the beans on the full forms that keep the trains on track. Buckle up (or strap in, as the railroaders say!), because we’re about to unravel the mystery behind the letters that make the railroads roll. Let’s dive into the world of railway full forms, where simplicity meets the tracks!

Train Full Form : India

Here is a list of the commonly used consolidated full forms in India.

Train Full Forms List (Full Form of Railway)

AcronymFull Form
2SSecond Seating
3ACThird AC
ACAir Conditioned
AEN/MCAssistant Engineer/Mechanical
BCMBallast Cleaning Machine
CCChair Car
CRCentral Railway
CRISCentre for Railway Information Systems
DFCCILDedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited
DMUDiesel Multiple Unit
ECExecutive Class
ECoREast Coast Railway
ECREast Central Railway
EMUElectric Multiple Unit
EREastern Railway
FCFirst Class
GNWLGeneral Waiting List
HMISHospital Management Information System
HRMSHuman Resources Management System
ICFIntegral Coach Factory
ICMSIntegrated Coaching Management Systems
IRIndian Railway
IRCTCIndian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation
IREPSIndian Railway E-Procurement Systems
IRICENIndian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering Pune
IRPWMIndian Railways Permanent Way Manual
IRTMTCIndian Railways Track Machines Training Centre
JA GradeJunior Administrative Grade
JEJunior Engineer
LBLower Berth
LHBLinke Hofmann Busch (a type of railway coach)
MBMiddle Berth
NCRNorth Central Railway
NERNorth Eastern Railway
NFRNortheast Frontier Railway
NTESNational Train Enquiry System
NTPCNon Technical Popular Categories
NWRNorth Western Railway
PNRPassenger Name Record
PPTPassenger Personal Terminal
PQWLPooled Quota Waiting List
PRSPassenger Reservation System
RACReservation Against Cancellation
RESSRailway Employee Self Service
RLDARail Land Development Authority
RLWLRemote Location Waiting List
RPFRailway Protection Force
RPSFRailway Protection Special Force
RRBRailway Recruitment Board
SBFStaff Benifites Fund
SCRSouth Central Railway
SECRSouth East Central Railway
SERSouth Eastern Railway
SLSleeper Class
SLBSide Lower Berth
SLRSitting cum Luggage Rake
SRSouthern Railway
SULSide Upper Berth
SWRSouth Western Railway
TDMSTraction Distribution Management System
TDRTicket Deposit Receipt
TQTatkal Quota
TQWLTatkal Quota Waiting List
TTETravelling Ticket Examiner
TTRTravelling Ticket Examiner (also Ticket To Ride in some contexts)
UBUpper Berth
UTSUnreserved Train Tickets
WCRWest Central Railway
WRWestern Railway

I hope you found the required information on Railway full forms in India. If you encounter any difficulty in finding specific information, please leave a comment, and we will try to provide the necessary details as soon as possible.

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FAQs : Train Full Form / Railway Full Form List

✅ What is the full form of MEMU train?

MEMU train full form is “Mainline Electric Multiple Unit“.

✅ What is the full form of TT in trains?

TT in trains stands for “Traveling Ticket Examiner“.

✅ What does CC mean in a train?

In common terms, CC full form in a train refers to “Chair Car.” It signifies a seating class where passengers have reserved seats for the journey.

✅ What does PNR mean in a train?

“PNR” stands for “Passenger Name Record.” A PNR number is a unique identifier assigned to each railway reservation or ticket. It contains information about the passenger and the journey, allowing travelers to check the status of their reservation, seat allocation, and other related details.

✅ What is the full form of train ?

The term “train” doesn’t actually have a full form. It’s just the name we use for a group of connected vehicles on tracks that transport people or goods.

✅ what is the full form of EC in train ?

Full of EC is ‘Executive Class’. It is a premium class of travel offering more comfortable and spacious seating arrangements compared to other classes on the train.

✅ What is the full form of RAC in train ?

“RAC” stands for “Reservation Against Cancellation.” RAC is a provision where passengers are given a shared berth, allowing them to travel even if their ticket is not confirmed. As other passengers cancel their reservations, RAC ticket holders may get a confirmed berth.

✅ What is the full form of EMU train?

EMU stands for “Electric Multiple Unit” train.


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