Monsoon Train Time Table 2024

Monsoon train time table

Monsoon Timing of Trains

Indian Railway implement Monsoon Timing of the trains running via the Konkan Railway network for the concern of the safety of the passengers. Every year the Monsoon Timing will be with effect from 10th June to 31st October. This year also new timing will be effective from 10th June 2024 to 31st October 2024. Following are the details.

The Indian Railway has declared that the following trains will run with adjusted schedules to align with the Monsoon Timing. Throughout this season, these five pairs of trains will also adhere to the monsoon timings.

Train No.01139 / 01140 Nagpur – Madgaon Jn. – Nagpur Bi-Weekly Special Trains

Train No.01139 Nagpur – Madgaon Jn. Bi-Weekly SpecialTrain No. 01140 Madgaon Jn. – Nagpur Bi-Weekly Special
Depart from Nagpur at 15.05 hrs Nagpur at 15:05 hrs every Wednesday and Saturday from 12/06/2024 to 29/06/2024 and will reach Madgaon Jn. at 17:45 hrs on the next day.Depart from Madgaon Jn. at 19:00 hrs on Thursday & Sunday from 13/06/2024 to 30/06/2024 and will reach Nagpur at 21:30 hrs on the next day.

Train Nos. 12741/12742 Vasco-Da-Gama–Patna–Vasco-Da-Gama Weekly Express

Train No.12741 Vasco-Da-Gama – PatnaTrain No.12742 Patna – Vasco-Da-Gama
Depart from Vasco-Da-Gama at 19.05 hrs and will arrive Patna at 10.10 hrsDepart from Patna at 14.05 hrs and will arrive Vasco-Da-Gama 05.30 hrs.

Train Nos. 16515/16516 Yesvantpur–Karwar-Yesvantpur Express

Train No.16516 Karwar – YesvantpurTrain No.16515 Yesvantpur – Karwar
Depart from Karwar at 05.30 hrs and will arrive Yesvantpur at 20.45 hrs.Depart from Yesvantpur at 07.00 hrs and will arrive Karwar at 23.00 hrs.

Train Nos. 11097/11098 Pune–Ernakulam–Pune Poorna Weekly Express

Train No.11097 Pune – Ernakulam

Train No.11098 Ernakulam – Pune
Depart from Pune at 22.25 hrs and will arrive Ernakulam at 03.15 hrs.Depart from Ernakulam at 18.50 hrs and will arrive Pune at 23.30 hrs.

Train Nos.16595/16596 KSR Bengaluru–Karwar-KSR Bengaluru Panchaganga Express

Train No.16596 Karwar – KSR BengaluruTrain No.16595 KSR Bengaluru – Karwar
Depart from Karwar at 18.00 hrs and will arrive KSR Bengaluru at 07.15 hrs.Depart from KSR Bengaluru at 18.50 hrs and will arrive Karwar at 08.25 hrs.

Train Nos.16586/16585 Murdeshwar–SMVT Bengaluru-Murdeshwar Express

Train No.16586 Murdeshwar – SMVT BengaluruTrain No.16585 SMVT Bengaluru – Murdeshwar
Depart from Murdeshwar at 14.10 hrs and will arrive SMVT Bengaluru at 07.15 hrs.Depart from SMVT Bengaluru at 20.15 hrs and will arrive Murdeshwar at 12.55 hrs.


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