Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains

Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains

The Indian Railway is starting a fresh project called Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains. The sleeper train india trains want to make travel faster and comfier for passengers. They plan to begin these trains around February 2024. The sleeping cars will have bigger beds, brighter inside lights, roomier bathrooms, a small kitchen, and better safety stuff. These new trains should save more energy and be kinder to the environment than the trains we have now.

Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains by Indian Railway

Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains are on the horizon with a significant order worth Rs 36,000 crore for 200 aluminum-bodied trains capable of reaching speeds up to 200 kmph, a notable increase from the peak speed of 160 kmph for steel-bodied AC Vande Bharat trains. French company Alstom and Russian player TMH are among the bidders for this project. Hindalco has partnered with Metra, a leading Italian company, to facilitate technology transfer, supply aluminum, and manufacture Aluminum Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains. The production will take place at their rolling mill in Hirakud.

After the immense popularity of Vande Bharat trains with sitting accommodation, the Indian Railways is gearing up to launch the sleeper version of Vande Bharat trains in the first half of the upcoming year (2024). These sleeper trains will offer enhanced suspension and lighting, ensuring a comfortable experience for long-distance travel. The interior of these next-generation sleeper trains is designed to meet passenger requirements, providing ample space and convenient ladders for accessing upper berths.

The introduction of sleeper Vande Bharat trains will mark a significant addition to the Indian Railways’ fleet, allowing passengers to embark on long-distance journeys comfortably and efficiently. The Honorable Railway Minister, in a recent tweet, announced the upcoming rollout of the faster prototype of the sleeper version in early 2024. This development is expected to transform passenger preferences, as travelers will now opt for Vande Bharat trains, especially those with sleeper facilities, over other modes of transport due to their affordability and comfort.

Indian Railways has ambitious plans to manufacture 400 Vande Bharat trains (Sleeper version) with various technologies, utilizing the expertise of Technology Partners and Indian Railways’ production units and manpower.

Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains : Key Features

  • Semi-High Speed: Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains are designed to run at speeds of up to 160 km/h, which significantly reduces travel time between major cities.
  • Aerodynamic Design: The train has an aerodynamic design for reduced air resistance and energy efficiency.
  • Modern Interiors: Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains boast modern interiors with comfortable seating, large windows, and spacious berths in sleeper coaches.
  • Amenities: The trains are equipped with facilities like onboard Wi-Fi, bio-vacuum toilets, GPS-based passenger information system, and modular fittings.
  • Safety Features: Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains are equipped with advanced safety features including automatic doors with sliding footsteps, fire and smoke detection systems, and CCTV cameras.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Being electric trains, they are eco-friendly and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains : Comparative Study

A comparison of Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains with other modes of transport:

  • Speed and Travel Time: Semi-high speed trains, capable of speeds up to 160 km/h. Significantly faster than regular trains, reducing travel time between cities.
  • Comfort and Space: Spacious seats/berths with comfortable interiors, Limited space, especially in economy class.
  • Cost: Prices vary widely based on demand and time of booking, Various classes available to suit different budgets.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Security checks and boarding procedures can be time-consuming, Extensive rail network, connecting even remote areas.
  • Composition : The new train will have 16 coaches of which 11 will be the AC-3 tier types, 4 would be the AC 2 tier types and 1 would be the first class air-conditioned.

Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains : Luggage Limit

The planned Vande Bharat Sleeper Class will adhere to the same luggage limit as the aircraft. This sleeper train, comprising 20-22 coaches, will incorporate 3 designated luggage bogies for heavy baggage. Passengers carrying luggage exceeding 40 kg will incur additional charges per kilogram. These luggage bogies are designed in a contemporary fashion. In the event of damage or loss of luggage from the bogie, compensation will be provided according to railway regulations


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