Plastic Bottle recycling Machines at Railway Stations

Plastic Free Railway
Railway Ban Use of Plastic

Railway ban use of Plastic completely from 02.10.2019. For helping the passengers to recycle the plastic Indian Railway installed Plastic bottle Recycling Machines at Railway stations , it is also a part of Swachh Bharat project and Go Green Mission. Further details are following.

Plastic Bottle Recycling Machines at Railway Stations

Plastic Bottle Machines at Railway Stations

Passengers can put their used plastic bottle and metal cane for recycling in this machines. In some railway stations passenger are getting rewards like discount coupons also for this good deed.

The coupons with discounts of 20-25 percent can be redeemed at selected brands. The crushed bottles will be sent for recycling to fibre-manufacturing companies and used as raw material for making clothes, carpets and grocery bags.

Plastic Bottle recycling Machines are very easy to use. These machines have been designed as a cost-effective means for disposal of waste plastic bottles. The crusher places the empty bottle into the receiving aperture; the horizontal in-feed system allows the user to insert containers one at a time. Once a bottle is inserted, it is crushed to reduce it’s size. The machine, which is about the size of a refrigerator, can consume around 5,000 bottles in a day.

Plastic Bottle recycling Machines at Railway Stations : How to Work

  • First has to put empty bottle into the machine.
  • In some cases, When the bottle is accepted by the machine, three options on the screen will appear — donation, mobile recharge and discount from an outlet with which the machine-provider has tied up for discounts.
  • The user can select either option and a printout will be issued.

General Instruction

  • Put used Plastic Bottle only
  • Do not insert Glasses/Aluminium/Tin etc
  • Select the desired coupons.

Features of Plastic Bottle recycling Machines at Railway Stations

  • Noiseless bottle
  • Resembling a vending machine

Other Station Facilities by Indian Railway

Plastic Bottle Machines : List of the Stations

List of stations having Plastic Bottle Machines at Railway Stations

North Central Railway

Allahabad and Kanpur : North Central Railway has installed bottle crushing machines at 06 stations including Allahabad and Kanpur Jn. With each recycled bottle passenger is eligible for discount in select outlets at Railway stations besides contributing in environment protection

South Western Railway

Authorities of Mysuru division of South Western Railway (SWR) have installed automatic noiseless bottle crushing machines on Platform 1. Mysuru division is currently in the process of entering into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with plastic manufacturers for collecting crushed pieces of plastic, which is expected to generate revenue for the division. More machines such as the plastic bottle crusher are expected to be installed in other stations coming under the division. The Railways is exploring possible tie-ups with private companies to undertake such ventures under their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Central Railway and Western Railway

Mumbai Metro :- Train passengers on the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar have an option to dispose of plastic bottles. Mumbai Metro One Private Ltd (MMOPL), which operates this Metro One, have installed crushers to recycle of discarded bottle at its stations on Monday. To begin with, these crushers were installed at six stations – DN Nagar, Andheri, Chakala, Marol Naka, Saki Naka and Ghatkopar. Of the total 12 Metro stations, the stations with Swachh Bharat Recyling Machines have the most number of footfalls.

Mumbai Suburban Stations

13.09.2019 – Bottle crushing Machine installed at Gandhidham Railway station

Indian Railway installed Bottle/can recycling machine at the Churchgate railway station in Mumbai. Railway is planning to put such machines at 10 stations namely Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra (local), Bandra terminus, Santacruz, Andheri, Goregaon, Borivali and Bhayandar, Starting with one machine placed at Churchgate station, there are currently 20 machines near ticket counters at Churchgate, Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra, Santacruz, Andheri and Goregaon stations.

South Eastern Railway

PET Bottle Crusher Machine has been installed at Chakradharpur Station,CKP division,South Eastern Railway. First machine installed in South Eastern Railway.

Southern Railway

  • Kochi Metro Rail Limited also installed plastic bottle recycling machines in selected metro stations from Aluva to Palarivattom. KMRL has installed the facility in three Metro stations as part of its green initiatives to make the city environment friendly.

Plastic Bottle Recycling Machines in Trains

In order to Beat Plastic Pollution Western Railway has installed a bottle crushing machine in the Pantry Car of one rake of Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express, a first on Indian Railways. It can crush 3000 bottles per day and is capable of recycling 90% PET waste bottles at the source.

Bottle Crushing Machine in the Pantry Car of Trains
Bottle Crushing Machine in the Pantry Car of Trains

This machine can accept all types of PET bottles from 200 ml to 2.5 litres capacity and has an internal storage bin of approx 20 litres which is equivalent to 1500 bottles. Move by WR of installing a PET bottle cursing machine is expected to reduce carbon footprints by 100% recycling and will also avoid littering in landfill from bottle waste.


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