Bharat Gaurav Trains

Bharat Gaurav Trains
Bharat Gaurav Trains

Bharat Gaurav Trains – Theme based Tourist Circuit Trains

The “Bharat Gaurav Trains” initiative is a program established by the Union Government as part of the “Dekho Apna Desh” campaign, with the primary objective of promoting domestic tourism within India. This scheme also aims to harness the expertise of professionals within the tourism sector to operate theme-based train services, thereby tapping into India’s vast tourism potential.

On November 23, 2021, Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Minister of Railways, made an official announcement regarding the introduction of “Bharat Gaurav Trains,” a series of tourist circuit trains designed around specific themes. During a press conference, he emphasized that these trains are aligned with the vision of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, aiming to showcase India’s abundant cultural heritage and magnificent historical sites to both the Indian population and the global audience. He also highlighted the pivotal role played by tourism professionals in identifying and developing tourist circuits, underscoring the objective of leveraging their expertise to create and operate theme-based trains that harness India’s vast tourism potential.

Currently, Indian Railways operates several tourist circuit trains across the country. With the implementation of this policy, all tourist circuit trains, starting from April 1, 2022, will adhere to the guidelines set forth within this policy. The Bharat Gaurav scheme is expected to facilitate the inclusion of additional tour operators with professional expertise, ultimately providing a significant boost to the tourism sector within the country.

Till 17.03.2023, 26 trips of Bharat Gaurav Trains have been operated covering around 22 states and 04 Union Territories

Bharat Gaurav Tourist TrainDeluxe AC Tourist TrainsKarnataka Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train
Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train has a mixed composition of Sleeper (Non AC), AC III tier and AC II tier coaches. The exterior of these trains showcase popular Indian monuments, sculptures, landmarks, and dance forms etc which are an integral part of the country’s pride. These trains have a total capacity of around 600 – 700 seats and are fitted with infotainment systematic and CCTV cameras in common areas along with unarmed security in each coach. The trains have a well equipped pantry car for preparing fresh meals onboard based on regional cuisines served at the respective passenger seats.Deluxe AC Tourist Train is a fully air-conditioned with only AC I and AC II tier accommodation onboard. The train has one dedicated modern kitchen car (flameless) and two rail restaurants giving it a very exclusive semi-luxury feel. It has been fitted with washrooms having shower cubicles, electronic safes in each cabin and common areas with single sofas with reading lights, foot massagers, shoe shiners, infotainment systematic and an in-house library. It also has security features like CCTV cameras in common areas with unarmed security deputed against each passenger coach. The total train capacity is 156 seats.Government of Karnataka (GoK) has taken initiative to offer pilgrimage and heritage tour of Kashi, Puri and Dwarka by running Karnataka Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train in association with Railway. The fully air-conditioned tourist train has 11 AC III tier coaches to accommodate around 700 passengers onboard. The exterior of the train depicts prominent heritage and temples of the Karnataka state. The salient features of this train are a well equipped pantry car, security arrangements like CCTV cameras and unarmed security guards. The pricing has been kept affordable with the Government offering a subsidy to the pilgrims.
Bharat Gaurav Trains by Indian Railway
Bharat Gaurav Trains by Indian Railway

Bharat Gaurav Trains Trip Packages Details

The Ministry of Railways is actively preserving and showcasing India’s rich cultural and religious heritage through its fleet of Bharat Gaurav Tourist Trains. These trains, operated by Indian Railways, traverse renowned theme-based circuits, offering a glimpse into the profound cultural heritage of our nation. Below, you will find comprehensive details and itineraries for the Bharat Gaurav Trains by Indian Railways.

  • Godda Via Kolkata – Kharagpur – Balasoe Bharat Gaurav Special Tourist Train O­n 25.10.2023

Bharat Gaurav Trains ~ News Updates

Godda Via Kolkata – Kharagpur – Balasoe Bharat Gaurav Special Tourist Train O­n 25.10.2023

The Bharat Gaurav Special Tourist Train is scheduled to depart from Godda Station, Jharkhand, on October 25, 2023, embarking on a Dakshin Bharat Darshan journey lasting until November 5, 2023. This special tourist train, initiated by Railway, marks a significant milestone as the first of its kind, tailored for travel enthusiasts. It aligns with the Government of India’s initiatives, “Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat” and “Dekho Apna Desh.”

The Dakshin Bharat Darshan route will encompass visits to Tirupati, Meenakshi Mandir, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, and Trivandrum, offering a spiritual odyssey spanning 11 nights and 12 days. For passengers’ convenience, a series of stations have been designated for boarding and de-boarding, including Bhagalpur, Kahalgaon, Sahibganj, Barharwa, Pakur, Rampur Hat, Bolpur Shantiniketan, Barddhaman, Kolkata, Kharagpur, Balasore, Bhadrak, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, and Khurda Road.

The package is divided into three categories: Economy (SL Class), Standard Class (3AC), and Comfort Class (3AC). The Economy option provides accommodation in non-AC budget hotels, while Standard and Comfort Classes include stays in AC hotels. Morning tea, breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided throughout the journey. Additionally, passengers can expect wash and change facilities and bus transportation, with AC amenities available exclusively for Comfort Class. The train offers the services of professional tour escorts, enhanced security measures, continuous support and assistance from Railway Tour Managers throughout the trip, and travel insurance for passenger safety.

This extraordinary travel experience is offered at an affordable rate, with prices set at Rs. 21,300/- per person for Economy Class, Rs. 33,300/- per person for Standard Class, and Rs. 36,400/- per person for Comfort Class. As part of the Bharat Gaurav Train Scheme, Indian Railways extends approximately a 33% concession to promote rail tourism. The mentioned prices already include the applicable concession.

Bharat Gaurav Trains : Salient Feature

Indian Railways have issued the ‘Bharat Gaurav Trains’ policy on 23.11.2021 with an objective to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage and magnificent historical places through theme based tourist circuit trains. The salient features of this policy are as follows:

  • Registration and placement of rake request by service providers in online portal.
  • Rake security deposit of ₹ 1 Crore per rake.
  • Individuals, Partnership firm, company, Society, Trust, Joint ventures and consortium are eligible.
  • A rake comprising a minimum of 14 and a maximum of 20 coaches.
  • Applicable charges viz. Right to Use charges, Haulage charges, stabling charges notified and to be paid by service provider.
  • Theme based refurbishments/minor modifications permitted.
  • Indian Railways to retain ownership of the coaches and provide operational assistance including coach maintenance and stabling facilities.
  • Service provider to have full freedom to decide itinerary, themes, package cost.
  • Service provider to offer a comprehensive package with facility of rail transportation, accommodation, meals, local road transport, sightseeing etc.
  • Branding and advertisement rights are permitted.

No fund is envisaged to be allocated for Bharat Gaurav Trains scheme as this is based on revenue generating model. As per this policy, service providers have full flexibility to decide the themes/itineraries for operation of Bharat Gaurav trains. Running of Bharat Gaurav Trains by service providers over Indian Railways including the State of Tamil Nadu is a continuous process and any additional trips would depend on the market demand and commercial viability.

Bharat Gaurav Trains Policy- Induction of LHB Coaches and Review of Applicable Charges

  • Only LHB coaches will be allotted under the Bharat Gaurav Trains policy. Railways reserve the right to allot the coaches of any age and applicable Right to Use charges per coach per year.
  • It has been decided not to levy the overhead component in the Fixed and Variable Haulage Charges. The applicable fixed and variable haulage charges have been revised.
  • The revised haulage charges shall be applicable from the date of issue of this policy. There will be no refund/adjustment of already paid haulage charges.
  • The existing service providers, who have already been allotted ICF rakes under the framework of Bharat Gaurav Trains Policy issued vide CC No. 14/2021, shall be given an option to switch over to LHB rakes under this policy for remaining period of agreement on the applicable charges and other conditions notified under this policy. Should the service provider opt to continue with already allotted ICF rakes, the revised charges shall be applicable with prospective effect.
  • To ensure that Service Providers fîx the package costs which is commensurate with the services being offered, Service Provider shall print on the package costs invoice that “IR is providing approximately 33% concession for promotion of rail tourism under Bharat Gaurav Trains Scheme”
  • The existing luxury tourist trains shall continue to be operated on the applicable charges (RU, Fixed and Variable Haulage Charges) already notified separately. As such, charges notified under this policy shall not apply on the luxury tourist trains.

Operation of Theme-based ‘Bharat Gaurav Trains’ over Indian Railways

Bharat Gaurav Trains : Objectives

  • Bharat Gaurav Trains to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage and magnificent historical places to people of India and world
  • To help tap vast tourism potential of India
  • Service Provider to offer all inclusive package to tourists
  • Indian Railways had launched the operation of theme-based Bharat Gaurav train in the month of November 2021. The objective of this theme is to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage and magnificent historical places to the people of India and the world, through Bharat Gaurav Trains. This scheme also aims to leverage the core strengths of the professionals of the tourism sector to run theme-based trains to tap the vast tourist potential of India.

Bharat Gaurav Trains : Scope

  • Service Provider would be free to decide theme like Guru Kripa trains for covering important places of Sikh culture, Ramayana trains for places connected with Lord Shri Ram etc.
  • Service Provider to offer all inclusive package to tourist including rail travel, hotel accommodation, sightseeing arrangement, visit to historical/heritage sites, tour guides etc.
  • Full flexibility to decide package cost based on level of services being offered.
  • Choice of coachessuiting the clientele,different segments like luxury, budget etc.
  • Free to design/furnish interior of the coaches based on the theme.
  • Branding and advertisement permitted both inside and outside of train.
  • Train composition will be of 14 to 20 coaches including 2 SLRs(Guard Vans).

Bharat Gaurav Trains : Registration Process

  • Easy one step transparent online registration process. Registration fee of Rs 1 (One) Lakh only.
  • Allotment of coaches to all eligible applicants subject to availability. Priority to be based on the Rake Security Deposit Time and Date. Rake Security Deposit of Rs 1 (one) Crore per rake.
  • Individual, Partnership Firm, Company, Society, trust, JV/Consortium (Unincorporated/Incorporated) are eligible.
  • Right to Use charges and Haulage charges notified in the policy for Service Provider to work out his business model.
  • Right to Use Period: 2-10 years.

Bharat Gaurav Trains : Login ID/Password Creation Procedure

For using Bharat Gaurav Trains, a prospective service provider has to first to create username and password for getting access to the Bharat Gaurav trains portal ( Thereafter, he / she will have to register himself in the portal and thereafter place demand for rake of Bharat Gaurav Trains.

Bharat Gaurav Trains : Login ID/Password Creation Form

Bharat Gaurav Trains : Login ID/Password Creation Process
Bharat Gaurav Trains : Login ID/Password Creation Process

Bharat Gaurav Trains : Customer Support

Customer Support Units to be made functional in the field for hand holding the service provider and for smooth implementation of this scheme.

Modalities for Operation of Theme based ‘Bharat Gaurav Trains’


Bharat Gaurav Trains FAQs

What are Bharat Gaurav trains?

These are service provider managed, theme based Tourist Circuit trains, to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage and magnificent historical, natural scenic places to the people of India and the world. The Service Provider to offer a comprehensive package
with facility of rail transportation, accommodation, meals, local sightseeing etc.

What are Tourist Circuit Trains?

These trains originate from a particular station and run in a route having multiple tourist destinations and terminate at the same originating station. Service Provider shall ensure that tourists cover all the destinations of the particular circuit during their tour and board / deboard only at their designated boarding / de-boarding stations.

Who all can apply for registration for taking custody of Bharat Gaurav Trains?

Any Individual, Partnership firm, Company, Society, Trust, Joint venture, Consortium with valid credentials can apply for registration after paying a non-refundable registration fee of Rs 1,00,000/- (one lakh only).

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