Gurugram Rapid Metro / Rapid Metro Gurgaon Details

Gurugram Rapid Metro
Gurugram Rapid Metro

Gurugram Rapid Metro / Rapid Metro Gurgaon Details

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has taken over the operations and maintenance of the Rapid Metro Link, Gurugram developed by Rapid Metro Rail Gurgaon Limited (RMGL) and Rapid Metro Rail Gurgaon South Limited (RMGSL) 22nd October 2019 (Tuesday). With the takeover of operations of Rapid Metro, the total operational Metro network Delhi and NCR has now become 389 KM with 285 stations which includes the NOIDA-Greater NOIDA corridor. Here are the details including Route Map, Customer Care, Time Table, Fare etc of Gurugram Rapid Metro / Rapid Metro Gurgaon.

Quick Facts ~ Gurugram Rapid Metro

S.NoDescriptionPhase IPhase II
1Promotional fare for both Phases together20/35– Same –
2Net WorkElevated– Same –
3DMRC Token and CardDMRC Token and Card applicable in Rapid Metro– Same –
4Total Trains12– Same –
5Commercial operations Commenced14 November 201331 March 2017
6Network Length12 km.approximately– Same –
7Number of Stations11– Same –
8Timings 06.00 – 22.00– Same –
9Interchange StationSikanderpur– Same –
10Station NamesPhase I Phase II
Belvedere TowerSector 42-43
Indus Ind Bank Cyber CityVIVO Sector 53-54
Micromax Moulsari AvenueSector 54 Chowk
Phase 3Sector 55 – 56
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Gurugram Rapid Metro ~ Quick Facts

The metro station is divided into two: paid and unpaid area. The unpaid area houses the Ticket Issuing Counters, Customer Care counter and Remaining Value Checking Terminal (RVCTs). Tickets can be purchased to enter the paid area through the AFC gates.


Main Features

The metro station is divided into two: paid and unpaid area. The unpaid area houses the Ticket Issuing Counters, Customer Care counter and Remaining Value Checking Terminal (RVCTs). Tickets can be purchased to enter the paid area through the AFC gates.

  • Provision for passenger driver communication
  • Facilities for differently able commuters
  • The doors and windows are strategically located in each car for optimum comfort and convenience of passengers, considering the local ergonomics and required capacity
  • The train is provided with safety features like fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, passenger alarm, CCTV and passenger evacuation system in case of emergencies
  • Train’s traction system is provided with feature of Regenerative braking resulting in energy saving.
  • Trains are having electronically controlled door operation with Obstruction detection mechanism.
  • Trains are having HVAC system capable cooling as well as heating in extreme temperature conditions of Gurugram.

Facilities for Differently-Abled Passengers

  • Wheelchair on request
  • Wide gates for passengers on wheelchairs
  • Lifts with operation panels installed at a low level
  • The tactile path for the visually impaired.

Stations Name

Stations Name

The names of the stations covered by the Rapid Metro system are Sector 55-56, Sector 54 Chowk, Sector 53-54, Sector 42-43, Phase -1, Sikanderpur, Phase-2, Phase-3, Moulsari Avenue, IndusInd Bank Cybercity, Vodafone Velvedere Towers.

Route Map

Route Map

Ticketing / Fare

Ticketing / Fare / Token and Schedule

Ticket can be a Token or a Smart card based on your preference. Tokens can be purchased at ticket counters. Smart Cards can be purchased and recharged from customer care.

Ticketing and Schedule

Each Rapid Metro station has a Customer Care Helpdesk, lifts and wheelchairs for elderly and people with special needs, facilities like retail outlets, ATMs, food and beverage kiosks.

  • Traveling with a smart card/ token is valid for 180 minutes after entry.
  • Entry/exit from the same station, the time limit is 20 minutes only.
  • Overstaying beyond above limits will be charged at the rate of Rupees 10 per hour subject to the maximum of rupees 50.
  • In case of mismatch, penalty will be payable as per rules of RMGL. Difference in the Fare is charged in case of travelling beyond the authorized distance.
  • Travelling without the token/card will result in penalty of rupees 50 plus the maximum fare of the system. Carrying token beyond the exit gate is punishable offence and there is a fine of rupees 200 or imprisonment.
  • Tokens/cards are mandatory for kids above 90 cm height
  • The refund of unused token can be done within 60 min of purchase from purchasing station only.
  • No token will be issued to passenger after last token sale time displayed at station.
  • Interchange passengers and smart card holders may kindly confirm ‘Last train Timing’ as per their travel plan, before entering into system
  • In case the last train is missed, Rapid Metro will not be liable for any reimbursement of the checked in fare
  • Luggage bigger than 60cm(L) X 45cm(B) X 25cm (H) and heavier than 15kg is not permitted
  • Kindly contact Customer Service for any inconvenience regarding token/smart card
Refund Rules
    • Commuter can get refund of only security amount after deduction of processing charge of Rs. 20/-. Security deposit will not be refunded in case of damaged or expired card.
    • Commuter who deposits their unreadable and physically OK card, then a new card of same value will be given to passengers within 15 days.
    • Commuter may take refund of his unused token, from customer care center of purchased station only within 60 minutes from purchase.
First and Last Train Timing
  • First trains from Sector 55-56 Station to Sikanderpur Rapid Metro Station, Sikanderpur Rapid Metro to Phase 3 Station and Sikanderpur Rapid Metro Station to Sector 55-56 Station will leave at 06:00 hrs.
  • Last trains from Sector 55-56 Station to Sikanderpur Rapid Metro Station, Sikanderpur Rapid Metro to Phase 3 Station and Sikanderpur Rapid Metro Station to Sector 55-56 Station will leave at 22:00 hrs.

Fare and Token

Fare Products : Smart cards and Tokens

Smart Cards

For multiple journeys, a smart card is used. Smart Cards are of two types –

  • Value Card
  • Tourist Card

Value Card: Most convenient for frequent commuters.

  • This card is available in the minimum denomination of Rs 150: Rs 100 travel value and Rs 50 security amount.
  • Minimum add value in the card is Rs 200. After that, it can be recharged in multiples of Rs 100 up to the maximum limit of Rs 3000
  • Validity: Valid till ten years from the date of purchase or recharge

Tourist Card: For unlimited rides in a limited duration.

  • Single Day (Rs 150): Rs 100 usable value & Rs 50 security amount.
  • Three Day (Rs 300): Rs 250 usable value & Rs 50 security amount.
  • Only one person can travel on one card at a time
  • Refundable with stipulated conditions

For a single one way journey

  • Card & Token Counters : For sale and value specification of tokens/cards
  • Card & Token Reader: Use this reader to check available balance and validity details of your card or token.

Time Table

Time Table of Rapid Metro

The train services on the corridor start at 6 AM in the morning from Sector 55-56 station and Sikenderpur Station with a frequency of 4.30 minutes during morning peak hours and 5.15 minutes during evening peak hours. The last revenue train service departs at 10 PM from Sector 55-56 station.

Number / Address

Customer Care Number / Address Details

Gurugram Rapid Metro have customer care desks at each of stations from the first service in the morning to the last service at night. Staff will assist customer as and when required. In addition to the same, passengers can also call or email with their queries/ feedback at the following:

Rapid Metro Gurgaon Contact Details

Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon Limited
Registered Office Address
2nd Floor, Ambience Corporate Tower
Ambience Island, NH # 8, Gurgaon – 122001 Haryana
Corporate Identity Number (CIN) : U60200HR2009PLC039116
Telephone Number : 0124 – 4716300
Fax Number : 0124 – 4716225

Customer Care

  • 24X7 Helpline: 0124 2800028 (chargeable)

Submit your resume at

Offences & Penalties

Offences & Penalties

Offences & Penalties under Metro Railway ( Operation & Maintenance ) Act, 2002

59Drunkenness or nuisance or spitting or sitting on the floor of the train or quarrellingFine of Rs. 200/- Forfeiture of pass/ticket and removal from carriage
60Taking offensive materialsFine of Rs. 200/-
62(i)  Demonstration of any kind upon railway
(ii)  For writing, pasting in the compartment or carriage etc.
(iii)  For refusal to be removed
(i)  Exclusion from attending demonstration
(ii)  Removal from compartment
(iii)  Fine of Rs. 500/-
63Travelling on roof of trainFine of Rs. 50/- and removal from train
64Unlawful entry and walking on Metro trackFine of Rs. 150/-
64(1)Unlawful entry (to enter into coach reserved for women)Fine of Rs. 250/-
68Obstructing officials on dutyFine of Rs. 500/-
69(i) Travelling without ticket or pass
(ii) Travelling beyond authorized distance
(i) Liable for excess charge of Rs.50/- and maximum fare of system
(ii) Liable to pay difference of fare
70Interfering with means of communication in train or misusing alarmFine of Rs. 500/-
72Defacing Metro propertiesFine of Rs. 200/-
73Unauthorized sale of articles on Metro railwayFine of Rs. 400/-
75Unauthorized sale ticketFine of Rs. 200/- and forfeiture of ticket

In case offenders do not pay the fine, they will be handed over to the police for producing them before the Magistrate



✅ What is the distance between two metro stations?

The approximate distance is 1km

✅ Which is the interchange station for Delhi Metro?

A covered walkway at Sikanderpur acts as an interchange between Rapid Metro and Delhi Metro network.

✅ How many coaches does Rapid Metro train have?

Each Rapid Metro train has three (3) coaches.

✅ What is the train frequency?

The average train frequency is 4-5 minutes.

✅ What is the total time taken to complete the entire Rapid Metro?

The total time taken to complete the entire network is approximately be 35 minutes.

✅ What is the speed of the train?

Rapid Metro trains run at an average speed of 30 kmph.

✅ What is the total capacity of a single train of Rapid Metro?

A single train can easily accommodate upto 800 passengers.

✅ What is the entire length of the Line I & Line II route?

The total length of the entire Phase I & Phase II route is 5.1 km & 6.6 respectively

✅ What is the fare structure/slab for Rapid Metro?

  • Rapid Metro Gurgaon Phase 1 has flat fare of: Rs 20/-
  • Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon South Limited Fare is as below:
  • Upto 2 stations initial fare @Rs 20/-
  • Beyond 2 stations initial fare @ Rs 30/-

✅ How many types of tickets are available in Rapid Metro?

There are two types of tickets available for using the Rapid Metro services – Single journey Tokens & Smart Cards.

✅ Do the mobile phones work within the train and stations?

Yes, the Rapid Metro stations and trains have mobile phone network connectivity.

✅ Is there any parking available at the Rapid Metro stations?

Parking facility not available at any of the Rapid Metro stations.

✅ What are the security arrangements inside the train?

There are CCTV cameras, emergency exits, fire extinguishers for safety purposes. You can also talk to the Train driver/operator by using “Press to Talk” buttons in case of emergency.

✅ Which is the official website of Rapid Metro?

The official Website of Gurugram Rapid Metro is


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