Hyderabad Metro Rail

Details of Hyderabad Metro Railway including Stations List, Route Map, Train Timings, Fare and Ticketing, Penalties etc are here

Hyderabad Metro Rail
Hyderabad Metro Rail

Hyderabad Metro Rail

Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMRL) network covers a total distance of around seventy two kilometers. It is the world’s largest Public-Private Partnership project in the Metro rail sector. It Is green transportation system.

  1. Hyderabad Metro Stations List
  2. Route Map
  3. Train Timings
  4. Fare and Ticketing
  5. Facility
  6. Offences & Penalties
  7. Passenger Charter Details ~ Download

Hyderabad Metro Stations List

Hyderabad Metro Rail now operates its services of Red Line from Miyapur to LB Nagar via Ameerpet and MGBS. It also operates its services of Blue Line from Nagole to Raidurg via Secunderabad and Ameerpet. Ameerpet is the interchange station for Red line and Blue line.

Bharath Nagar
S R Nagar
Gandhi Bhavan
Osmania Medical College
M G Bus Station
New Market
Victoria Memorial
L B Nagar
Secunderabad East
Parade Grounds
Prakash Nagar
Madhura Nagar
Road No. 5 Jubilee Hills
Jubilee Hills Check Post
Pedamma Temple
Durgam Cheruvu
Hi Tech City
Secunderabad West
Gandhi Hospital
RTC X Roads
Sultan Bazar
Hyderabad Metro Stations List

Route Map

Following image shows the latest Route map of Hyderabad Metro Rail.

Hyderabad Metro route map
Route Map - Hyderabad Metro
Route Map – Hyderabad Metro

Train Timings

Hyderabad Metro Rail now operates its services of Red Line from Miyapur to LB Nagar via Ameerpet and MGBS. It also operates its services of Blue Line from Nagole to Raidurg via Secunderabad and Ameerpet. Ameerpet is the interchange station for Red line and Blue line.

Hyderabad Metro Rail operates from 06:30 hrs to 22:00 hrs on weekdays and weekends from all terminal stations. These are provisional timings and may be changed as per operational requirements. The ticket counters closes 5 minutes before the last train of that station.

Fare and Ticketing

Information regarding Fare and Ticketing

Passengers can choose a smart card or a token for travelling by Metro trains. We recommend passengers to opt for smart cards for a hassle-free journey.

Fare Chart


A Contactless Smart Token (CST) is a media chip integrated inside the token as one of the fare media. Passenger may choose from following types of tickets as per convenience.

  • A token can be purchased at our Ticket Office Machine (TOM)/ Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) & and at our ticketing offices.
  • Passengers can select the destination station, make the purchase and then enter the paid area with the token.
  • The token will be read at the entry and captured at exit gates. Passengers can board the train only from the station where he / she has purchased the token.

Single Journey Ticket (SJT)

This is a one way ticket from the station where passenger are located (source station) to their destination. Passengers can enter the paid area with a ticket. The ticket is valid only on the date on which it is issued. Passengers have to board the train within 30 minutes after buying the ticket.

Passenger can contact at 040-2333-2555 or visit a Customer Care Center at any Metro station for fare information.

Smart Card

Hyderabad Metro Rail smart card acts as a virtual wallet that facilitates seamless travel. A smart card can be purchased from a ticketing office at any Hyderabad Metro station or through TSavaari App. A non-refundable admin charge of INR 20/- is collected at the time of the purchase. Passenger need to maintain a standing balance of INR 10/- in smart card to travel by Hyderabad Metro Rail. All Hyderabad Metro offers and discounts will be applicable only on smart cards. In case Hyderabad Metro smart card is lost, stolen or damaged, passenger have to buy a new smart card and the balance amount will not be refunded.

A smart card can be recharged for a minimum amount of INR 50/- and maximum amount of INR 3000/-

How to buy Hyderabad Metro Rail smart card

Passengers can buy a Hyderabad Metro smart card through TSavaari App. Please download TSavaari App from Google Play or iTunes store and use it for convenience

  • Install the TSavaari App in mobile phone / mobile devices.
  • Complete the registration process through the TSavaari App.
  • Tap ‘Buy a card’ option in the menu where we can see the cost of the card and delivery charges.
  • Enter the delivery address and click on ‘Proceed to Pay’ button.
  • Passenger will be directed to Paytm wallet, where he/she can pay the amount through Paytm wallet, debit/credit card or Net banking
  • After successfully completed the transaction, passenger will receive a confirmation message for the same.
  • Smart card will be delivered within 72 hours from the day of successful order booking.
    How to recharge Hyderabad Metro Rail smart card

Passenger can recharge the smart card through TSavaari App, HMR Passenger website (www.ltmetro.com),or Paytm App

  • Enter the 14 digit smart card number mentioned at the back of smart card on TSavaari App, LTMRHL Website, or Paytm App.
  • Choose the recharge amount from the drop-down list, click on ‘I agree’ check-box and tap on ‘Recharge’ button to proceed.
  • Passenger will be directed to payment gateway where he/she can pay through Paytm wallet, debit/credit card or net banking.
  • After successful completion of payment, passenger will receive a confirmation message to the registered mobile number/e-mail.
  • To check/view the balance passenger need to visit nearby Metro station after 2 hours and check the details at Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) or Add Value Machine (AVM) by selecting prepaid top-up option. Passenger have to tap the smart card at automated gates at the Metro station to complete the recharge process.


All Hyderabad Metro trains have three coaches

  • Seating
    • All Metro trains are designed to be easily accessible by differently-abled and elderly passengers. Designated spaces are available for wheelchair users, senior citizens and pregnant ladies in the train.
  • Train Doors
    • ‘Doors closing’ message will be displayed in a panel above the train doors and audio announcements will inform the passengers about the doors being closed before the train leaves the station. Train operator will close the doors only after passenger have boarded the train.
  • Calling Train Operator
    • All Metro trains have call points available inside the train from where passenger can speak to the train operator in case of an emergency.
  • Charging Points
    • There are mobile and laptop charging points available for passenger’s convenience.
  • Passenger Information Display & Announcements
    • Metro trains have digital screens guiding passengers about the journey and the next station. Audio announcements, in English, Telugu, Urdu and Hindi, will help visually impaired passengers with the details of the approaching stations and other update.
  • Comfort
    • Metro train coaches are air-conditioned to ensure that passengers have a comfortable journey. Plush interiors, ergonomically designed seating and efficient lighting lend an aesthetic look to the coaches.
  • Safety
    • CCTVs are installed at all Metro trains for close monitoring purpose. Fire extinguishers and first aid box with signage boards are conveniently placed in case of emergencies There are two emergency doors available, one each in the train operator’s cabin, in case of emergency evacuation. Eating, drinking, spitting, squatting and sitting inside the coaches will be penalized. Passengers are requested not to put their feet on the seats. Please cooperate with us and help us to keep our trains and premises clean.

Feeder Services or Last Mile Connectivity

Last Mile Connectivity
PartnerVehicle TypeStationsCost
Basic ChargesOther Charges
Smart Bikes2 wheeler, CyclesMiyapur
Member User FeePay as you goSubscription TypeFee
First 30 minutesFreeRs.10One Year PassRs.1999
30 to 60 minRs.10Rs.25Three Month PassRs.599
Every additional 30 minsRs.15Rs.30One Month PassRs.399
After 8 hrs (every additional 1 hr)Rs.100Rs.150One Week PassRs.199
PEDL2 wheelers, CyclesMiyapurRs.3/- per 30 minutesNA
Bounce(Metro Bikes)2 wheeler, Gearless Scooter, e-bikesMiyapur
Parade Ground
LB Nagar
Errum Manzil
Moosaram Bagh
Day Plan (7 am to 9 pm) - Rs. 4 per km
Night Plan (7 pm to 9 am) - Rs.3 per km
1. Monthly subscription for 22 days - Rs. 4 per km in fay time and Rs. 3per km in Night Plan
2. Long Rides - Rs. 200- 350 per day (Fuel not included)
3. Hourly Rentals - Rs. 15-30 per hour (Fuel not included)
Zoomcar4 wheeler, CarsMiyapur
Parade Grounds
Charges based on the car you book.
Different options available for a fixed km span
Charges above the km span :
Rs. 9 per km for EV
Rs. 12 for hatchbacks
Rs. 15 per km for SUV
Monthly subscription at Rs. 10,000/-
Drivezy2 Wheeler (Activa / Dominor / Pulsar )Ameerpet
Prakash Nagar
10 paise per minuteDamage Charges(Max 6999)
Overtime charges- for the first two hours (Rs 200 + double the hourly charge) will be fined and for subsequent hours: (Rs 100 x late hours + double the hourly charges)
VogoTwo wheeler (Fuel + eBikes)Miyapur
One Way (Point A to Point B) - Rs 1.2/min
Round Trip (Come back to same station) - Starting at Rs 1.3/min
RapidoBike Sharing ServiceNo direct stationApp basedNone
Zify4 wheeler/carsMiyapurRs. 3 per kmNone
OLA2 wheeler/bikesAll stationsApp basedNone
RAYD4 wheelerAmeerpetINR 60/- (AME to Raheja mindspace )None
Rpool2 Wheeler and 4 WheelerAll StationsApp basedNone

Offences & Penalties

The following penalties and fines shall be collected in line with the provisions of the Metro Railways (Operations & Maintenance) Act, 2002;

Section of Metro ActOffencesPenalties
59Drunkenness or nuisance on metro railwayRs. 500 fine and Forfeiture of fare paid/removal from carriage
60Taking or causing to take offensive material upon metro railwayRs.500 fine in addition to damages
61Taking or causing to take dangerous material upon metro railwayRs. 5000 fine and Imprisonment upto 4 years
62Demonstrations upon metro railwaysPasting or put-up any poster or write or draw anything on compartment or metro premisesExclusion from premises and Rs.1000 fine or Imprisonment upto 6 months or both
63Travelling on the roof etc.Rs.50 fine or Imprisonment upto 1 month or both
64Unlawful entry or remaining upon metro railwayWalking on metro trackRs. 250 fine or Imprisonment upto 3 months or bothRs. 500 fine or Imprisonment upto 6 months or both
67Obstructing running of train, etc.Rs. 5000 fine or Imprisonment upto 4 years or both
68Obstructing metro railway official in dutyRs.1000 fine or Imprisonment upto 1 year or both
69Travelling without proper pass or ticket or beyond authorised distanceRs.50 fine and Amount of fare
70Interfering with means of communication in trainRs.1000 fine or Imprisonment upto 1 year or both
71Altering or defacing or counterfeiting pass or ticketImprisonment upto 6 months
72Defacing public noticesRs.250 fine and Imprisonment upto 2 months
73Unauthorised sale of article upon metro railwaysRs.500 fine and in default of payment of fine imprisonment upto 6 months
74Maliciously wreaking a train or causing sabotageImprisonment for life or rigorous imprisonment upto 10 years or punishable with death as the case may be
75Unauthorised sale of ticketsRs.500 fine or Imprisonment upto 3 months or both and Forfeiture of such tickets
76Maliciously hurting or attempting to hurt person travelling by metro railwaysImprisonment for life or imprisonment upto 10 years as the case may be
77Endangering safety of persons travelling by metro railway by rash or negligent act or omissionImprisonment upto 1 year or fine or both
78Damage to or destruction of certain metro railway propertiesImprisonment upto 10 years
79Endangering the safety of persons travelling by metro railway by wilful act or omissionImprisonment upto 7 years
80Making false claim for compensationImprisonment upto 3 years or fine or both
Offences & Penalties list

On failure of payment of fine by offender, necessary action may be taken in accordance with law including but not limited to handing over the offender to the police for appropriate action before Metropolitan Magistrate.

Penalty Charter

A list of offences and appropriate penalties imposed by Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) in compliance with Metro Act are listed below. This is to ensure that every passenger is aware of his / her responsibility to pay for his/her travel, as decided by Metro rail authorities. This policy is also available at our ticketing offices and at our Customer Care Centers at all stations.

Type of PenaltyDescriptionTime LimitAmount of Penalty
Ticket less TravelPassenger travelling without authorized TicketAnytimeRs.50 Penalty + Rs.60 max. Fare
Over TravellingPassenger travelling beyond destinationAnytimeDifference amount between destination station & actual exit station
Over Staying – Within stationPassenger – Entry and exit in same stationUp to 30 mins from the time of Entry – No PenaltyPenalty Rules on overstay in same station
30 mins – 1 hr 30 mins = Rs. 15
1 hr 30 mins – 2 hrs 30 mins = Rs. 30
2 hrs 30 mins- 3 hrs 30 mins = Rs. 45
3 hrs 30 mins – >= 4 hrs 30 mins = Rs. 60
Over Staying – Beyond origin stationPassenger – Entry and exit in different stationsUp to 2 hrs 30 mins from the time of Entry – No PenaltyPenalty Rules on overstay in different station
2 hrs 30 mins – 3 hrs 30 mins = Rs. 15
3 hrs 30 mins – 4 hrs 30 mins = Rs. 30
4 hrs 30 mins – 5 hrs 30 mins = Rs. 45
5 hrs 30 mins – >= 6 hrs 30 mins = Rs. 60
Penalty Charter chart

Passenger Charter Details ~ Download

Passenger Charter Details ~ Download Click Here>>

Official Website : Hyderabad Metro


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