Railway Facility for the Handicapped / Divyangjan

The Government of India ensures equal opportunities for persons with disabilities and their full participation in nation-building. Indian Railways are making their best efforts to ensure the facilities for handicapped/disabled passengers / Divyangjan in trains and in stations. Details railway facility for handicapped / Divyangjan are following.

Railway Facility for the Handicapped / Divyangjan

On March 15, 2024, South Western Railway disclosed that the railway board has recently mandated the allocation of reservation quotas designated for Divyangjans to be exclusively reserved for them in all categories of reserved Mail/Express trains, including those of Rajdhani/Shatabdi type such as Rajdhani, Duronto, Vande Bharat, Humsafar, Gatimaan, Special trains on special fare, regardless of whether concessional fare facilities are accessible to Divyangjans on those trains or not.

Allocations of berths in various classes and trains are as follows:

  • Four berths in Sleeper class (two lower and two-middle).
  • Four berths in 3E or 3A class (two lower and two-middle). (The class out of these two i.e. 3E/3A in which quota is to be earmarked can be decided by zonal Railway concerned keeping in view the number of coaches of that class available in the train.)
  • Four berths in SLRD coach of Garib Rath Express trains.
  • Four seats in reserved Second Sitting (2S)/ air-conditioned Chair Car (CC) in those trains which have more than two coaches of these classes (except Vande Bharat Express trains).
  • Four seats in Vande Bharat express trains.

(Specially designed Seat no. 40 in coach no. C1 and C7 in case of 8 car trains and seat no. 40 in coach no. Cl and C14 in case of 16 car trains for Divyangjans and o­ne seat each adjacent to these specially designed seats for the escorts of Divyangjans)

Measures implemented by the railways to prevent the misuse of this provision intended for Divyangjans

In order to prevent misuse of this provision, online booking of tickets under this quota will only be accessible to Divyangjans who possess a unique ID card issued by the Railways.

  • For counter bookings, this privilege will be granted upon presentation of either a unique ID card issued by the railways or a copy of the concessional certificate in the prescribed format as per the existing Railway regulations governing concessional ticket issuance.
  • This service will be offered at all Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counters where concessional ticket booking facilities are provided.
  • Railways will verify the unique ID cards issued to Divyangjans even on trains where concessional fare facilities are unavailable.
  • Whenever an eligible Divyangjans, in accordance with Railway Rules, reserves a ticket under this quota on a train not eligible for concession, a notification will appear informing them of the absence of concessional fare facilities on that train.
  • Railways will ensure that Divyangjans booking tickets for Vande Bharat Express trains are assigned to specially designated seat number 40 in coach no. C1/C7/C14, if available, while their escort will be allocated the seat adjacent to these specially designated seats reserved for Divyangjans.
  • Should both specially designated seats for Divyangjans in Vande Bharat Express trains be booked, but one or both seats for their escort remain vacant, the vacant seat(s) will be allocated to a Divyangjans.


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