Nagpur Metro Rail

Nagpur Metro
Nagpur Metro

Nagpur Metro Rail

Nagpur Metro Rail is in Maharashtra. It was inaugurated on 08.03.2019. Nagpur Metro is the greenest Metro Rail in India. It becomes the 13the operational Metro Railway in India.

Nagpur Metro Rail ~ Highlights

Fare CollectionAutomatic fare collection system with combination of smart cards and computerized paper tickets
Capacity of trains764
Service Hours19 hours / day (from 05:00 am to 00:00 midnight)
Estimated Direct Employment Generation~1,700 persons
Feeder Bus Routes and Coverage19 Routes and 160 Km.

Route Map

Route Map

Nagpur Metro Stations ~ Route Map
Nagpur Metro Stations ~ Route Map


Nagpur Metro Stations

Nagpur Metro Rail Project will consist of 38.215 Km metro corridor, 38 stations and 2 Depots. The entire stretch will be divided into 2 alignments or corridors as follows:

AlignmentCorridorRail LengthNo of Stations
1North – South Corridor19.658 Km18
2East – West Corridor18.557 Km20
Sr No.Alignment 1 North – South CorridorSr No.Alignment 2 East – West Corridor
1Automotive Square1Prajapati Nagar
2Nari Road2Vaishnao Devi Chowk
3Indora Square3Ambedkar Chowk
4Kadbi Chowk4Telephone Exchange
5Gaddi Godam Square5Chitar Oli Chowk
6Kasturchand Park6Agrasen Chowk
7Zero Mile7Dosar Vaisya Chowk
8Sitaburdi (NS) (Open Metro Station)8Nagpur Railway Station
9Congress Nagar9Cotton Market
10Rahate Colony10Sitabuldi (EW)(Open Metro Station)
11Ajni Square11Jhansi Rani Square(Open Metro Station)
12Chhatrapati Square12Institution of Engineers(Open Metro Station)
13Jaiprakash Nagar (Open Metro Station)13Shankar Nagar Square
14Ujwal Nagar14LAD Chowk
15Airport (Open Metro Station)15Dharampeth College
16Airport South (Open Metro Station)16Subhash Nagar(Open Metro Station)
17New Airport (Open Metro Station)17Rachana Ring Road
18Khapri (Open Metro Station)18Vasudev Nagar (Open Metro Station)
19Bansi Nagar
20Lokmanya Nagar(Open Metro Station)

Time Table

Time Table

CBTC Train Time Table Reach – 1

CBTC Train Time Table Reach – 3


Feeder Services For First and Last Mile Connectivity

To provide first and last mile connectivity, Feeder Services such as Shuttle Buses, Battery Operated Vehicles, Pedestrian Facilities and Bicycles sharing schemes have been included in the project. There will be 19 Feeder routes covering all stations and a total distance of around 160 Km. Feeder Services will enhance the accessibility of the Metro for all classes of commuters, to / fro homes and offices.

  • Two feeder corridors have been planned to provide seamless travel and wider coverage. The Feeder corridors will run between Satpur Colony via Garware to Mumbai Naka and between Nashik Road via Nandur Naka to Shivaji Nagar on the existing road network.The Ac Electric Coaches will be 12 /13 meter long with a carrying capacity of 60-70 passengers. These coaches will also run on the Main corridors and get charged during run by overhead traction and will operate on battery on the feeder routes.
  • The buses will be air conditioned with automatic door closing system, level boarding, comfortable seats, passenger announcement system, and passenger information system with electronic display. The stations will have staircase, lift and escalators with passenger information display. The station entry and exit will be provided on both side of the road to avoid road crossing by passengers.

Fare Chart

Fare Details

Fare collection Details and Fare Chart details of Nagpur Metro Rail are here.

Fare Chart

Fare Collection

Automatic fare collection system with combination of smart cards and computerized paper tickets


Metro Railway Rules

  • Don’t jam your way onto the feeder bus or train. Wait for others to exit before you board.
  • Don’t create inconvenience for others with your luggage.
  • Stand up for others. Reserved seats are for elderly, women and disabled riders in the feeder bus or the Metro.
  • Being rude or mean just takes the feeder bus operator’s attention away from the job of getting you to your destination safely.
  • Be extremely careful while standing on the bus or train – it may look easy, but it’s not. And even if you don’t fall, you could hurt someone else.
  • Keep the Metro, the Station and the Feeder Bus clean. Make sure litter makes it into the trash.
  • Make sure that your phone calls and music players do not disturb other commuters.
  • Spitting is a crime! It not only makes the place dirty but also can spread contagious diseases.

Contact Details

Contact Details

Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited Address

Metro House, Bunglow No: 28/2,
Anand Nagar,C K Naidu Road, Civil Lines,
Phone No:07122554217
Mobile Nos:7720027181,7720027182,7720027198
E-mail Id:


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