Squat Machine at Railway Stations

Squat Machine at Railway Stations
Squat Machine at Railway Stations

Free Platform Ticket for Doing Squats

Indian Railways has come up with a very unique idea to encourage the Fit India movement among the passengers as it unveiled a squat machine at a railway station in Delhi.

Indian Railways has installed a squat machine at Anand Vihar railway station in Delhi where a person can earn a free platform ticket if he/she performs 30 squats in 180 seconds. The Indian Railways took to Twitter to unveil their novel idea and posted a video of a man performing 30 squats to earn a free ticket.

A unique experiment has been done to encourage fitness at Delhi’s Anand Vihar railway station,” said Railway Minister Piyush Goyal of the new Squat Machine installed at Anand Vihar Railway Station in Delhi. He also added that such machines are soon to be installed at railway stations across the country.

In the clip, a man can be seen doing squats (an exercise that strengthens one’s legs and gluteus muscles), to eventually get a platform ticket that comes fluttering out of the machine once he completes 30 repetitions of the exercise within 180 seconds.

Some are praising the initiative. Netizens greeted Indian Railways’ initiative with cheer and enthusiasm, hailing the innovative idea to promote and raise awareness about fitness among the people.   

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